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Apollo Towers Myanmar is a leading independent telecom tower company, owning and operating a growing portfolio of integrated tower and power sites, Our Strategy: *Provide the highest quality telecom infrastructure at flexible, competitive prices *Beyond cell towers, our vision includes enabling a full spectrum of advanced telecommunications services for all Myanmar technology providers *Set up a sustainable business and create value for our shareholders who have invested in Apollo Towers
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About Apollo Towers Myanmar Limited

Employer Details

  • Type: Direct Employer
  • Industry: Construction/Building/Architecture, Telecommunications
  • No. Employees: 201 to 500


4th Floor (Unit-B) and 5th Floor, The Regency Offices, No. 587, Pyay Road, Kamayut Township,Yangon, Myanmar

Company vision and mission

Apollo Towers Myanmar is a leading independent telecom tower company, owning and operating a growing portfolio of integrated tower and power sites,
Our Strategy:
*Provide the highest quality telecom infrastructure at flexible, competitive prices
*Beyond cell towers, our vision includes enabling a full spectrum of advanced telecommunications services for all Myanmar technology providers
*Set up a sustainable business and create value for our shareholders who have invested in Apollo Towers

What we do

We offer construction, leasing and management of tower and power solutions to all telecommunications service providers in Myanmar.

Our strategy of tenancy sharing enables Apollo Towers to offer exceptional value to Operators and allows us to contribute to a sustainable telecom infrastructure network across Myanmar.

Why you should join us

At Apollo we know that our success is a direct result of our talented local and international staff, and we are always interested hearing from new talent. With a diverse range of services we welcome applications for all roles and responsibilities.

If you haven't found a suitable job, submit a General Application and recruiters at this company will keep your CV for future review!

All Apollo Towers Myanmar Limited Jobs
Analyze Consumption trend of the sites by Daily/Monthly using consumption data such as CPH, DGRH, NS. Monthly fuel forecast based on consumption trend, power model, Theft, Operational risks & issue, Power planning input, CPH, Closing Stock etc. Generate weekly fuel beat plan, FWO based on updated CPH, average run hr, grid availability and upload on itower. Review weekly fuel stock of critical sites and include in weekly fuel beat plan. Prepare weekly fueling detailed report and other reports. Align weekly power model changes with HQ energy desk and NS, MDG, Access restrictions update. Daily checking and approval of DFR report on itower and request justification from partners in case of any discrepancies on opening stock, DG run hrs and actual filling liters. Collect daily MDG fueling data and to check early fueling daily and highlight the issues. Follow up with zones and partners on weekly focus area sites from HQ energy desk such as irregular consumption sites (RMS/NS/Grid/Above 16hr, DG controller faulty, fuel sensor faulty, 24/7 running sites. Follow up on local filling sites especially in internet cut off area. Identify high DG run hrs sites by weekly basis and report to Power NOC for Energy Losses control and monitoring. To recheck with relevant parties for High CPH sites from HQ Energy Desk to conduct required actions. Support in validating Emergency Fueling request approval. Collect and review Fueling inspection and Audit reports for month end Fueling Reconciliation with vendors. Collect Site downs with Fuel shortage data for Monthly Penalty report. Verify Fuel theft and wastage quantities based on recent fueling data, DGRH. Monitor Fuel capping sites filling and highlight if filling is exceeded the capping limit. Monitor Grid related issues for better rectification timeline and align with customer relation team for billing.
Collect DFR data mainly from Itower, Viber , SMS and daily data entry Collect DG running hours data including photos through the system and manual uploading data from viber on daily basis Check carefully every DFR report detail in the report such as DGRH, CPH, Operator Load, Filling liter, Manual measurement calculation etc.. Share daily DFR data to managements team and line manager Analyze and cross-check DFR data between Itower data and manual data Follow-up with field team regarding DFR data mismatch and other requirements
- Devise ways to optimize inventory control procedures. - Inspect the levels of supplies and usages to identify shortages. - Ensure stock is adequate for all distribution channels and can cover direct demand from operation. - Designing and implementing an inventory tracking system for optimized inventory control procedures. Use software to monitor demand and document characteristics of inventory. - Record daily deliveries and shipments to reconcile inventory. - Create detailed reports for adjustments, inventory operations and stock levels. - Evaluating new inventory, ensuring it’s ready to deliver to zones. - Place orders to replenish stock avoiding insufficiencies or excessive surplus. - To analyze, monitor and report quality of spares parts, batteries, PE and DG. - Collaborate with warehouse employees and other staff to ensure business goals are met. - Report to upper management on stock levels, issues etc. - Establish procedures for delivery and return of all assets into and out of the warehouse including a fresh stock replenishment of all items in warehouse including assessment of quality of these items. - Providing operation with spare information and availability, estimated time of arrival of spare and recommendations. - Audit and report inventory while making recommendations on which items to order and restock. - Keep the latest safety regulations and standards. - Communicate with other departments to ensure products are shipped in a timely manner. - To follow up with vendor and in-house relating with DG overhauling, Rectifier repair, PE and DG spares repair, battery regeneration, etc. - To deliver and collect spares for in-house team. - To involve for warranty claim process when materials arrive to WH.
Troubleshoot BTS to restore the site. Installation and commissioning of BTS and Microwave Configure and test BTS and Microwave alignment. Maintain active infra structure properly to run the site in optimum conditions. Check daily assigned activity and ensure timely completion of PM tasks. Collaborate with Operations team to attend power issues. Responsible for the overall active and passive related support in the Zone. Responsible for operation cost reduction and optimization. Responsible for the quality assurance of activities on all sites within the Zone and reports all under standards activities to the Zone Operations Manager. Responsible for second level support to our maintenance team internally or externally during emergencies and support the Zone Manager. Ensure all required reports are accurate and are delivered on time. Weekly reports to be delivered not later than Friday every week, and Daily reports to be delivered by the designated platforms. Apply continuous improvement plans with a specific focus on eliminating faults, permanent fixtures, and reducing downtime, minimizing revenue spend, designing out failure modes and maximizing the performance and longevity of assets.
Maintain the sites under their area for high NWA Carry out scheduled Site Visits Carry out Site Preventive Maintenance Carry out Site Corrective Maintenance Follow up and lead the teams in the area for scheduled PM and Refueling. Should be able to train and assist the teams during technical difficulties. Capture Costs for every activity and report back to Cluster Manager Good knowledge of Telecom power equipments
Handle incident mail for all clients in both Entitles (ATOM, Mytel, MPT & Ooredoo) Define each incident with monitoring platform by either power related issue or Non-power related issue Raised the tickets to O&M partner / directly to ground team Supervising ETA for ground team Driving to meet the minimized MTTR by ground team Communicate each client for time-to-time progress through multi-communication channel (Mail, Viber, WhatsApp, Signal) Responsible to share hourly Network status for internal team awareness Reporting daily for the quantity of incidents & Network downtime minutes, reconcilied with Each MS partner Responsible for 1st level escalation to RMS team if issue to Monitoring platform Work for data inputs to access logs of any activity (PM, CM, other attendance) Work 24*7 shift rotation.
Analyze the incident input by NOC and field teams to conclude actual root cause. Track the permanent resolution with the tentative timeline. Support field teams to troubleshoot power system and DGs. Review and approve major or critical power asset replacement. Check daily site downs and analyze the failure trends. Resolve client escalation with full-technical analysis and report. Work with power project team and cluster leads to assign improvement projects. Work with NOC manager on the whole network to meet the target SLA. Consult the inputs to PNOC and advise action plan or initiate mini projects to maintain network SLA. Keep the logs & report for each incident among with the issue details, the needed actions and timeline.
Coordinate with Regional Operations, OM Vendors for the Monthly Plan. Planning & Scheduling PM activities via itower. Check & Update daily activity and ensure timely completion of PM tasks. Review Daily PM reports through itower. Collaborate with Operations to address and identify issues during PM execution and validation processes. Maintain accurate records of PM activities (master data) Scheduled, Done, Missed, Rescheduled, etc. Prepare and distribute daily PM status reports to stakeholders. Check & Validate Monthly MS fees. Additional suitable tasks assigned by managements (if required).
Create Fleet management team daily Task tracker and arrange daily call meeting to review daily task action plan. Create Maintenance data record and monitoring system with reminder to have schedule maintenance program. Ensure all the GPS devices always to be online and create the notification events (Over speed/Personal usage/Geofencing/Power Cutoff etc.) and updating units Monitor vehicle daily principal inspection report by driver and recording in daily task tracker for immediate actions Ensure updating national RTA rules and safety protocol and Master data record. Monitor, follow up and remind insurance valid date Ensure to keep proper record (Vehicles received check list /Handover Form/Returned check list) and financial document Cooperate with the functional department to justify the Leasing Cost, Fuel Cost, Maintenance cost, outsource hiring cost as well Analyze monthly data comparison and plan for optimization Conduct close supervision of accident/Incident claim process
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