In this insightful video, one of our international judges Ms. Winnie Lam (COO of Colliers International, Vietnam) shares her overall experience of the Myanmar Employer Awards program (powered by as a Judge and provides insight for companies looking to understand what goes through a judge's mind when they are evaluating essays. In this entertaining and informative interview, she stated that "When you put people as the center of everything, everything has a value". She also mentioned noting progressive improvement of the Myanmar HR industry, especially in some of the local companies. These words of advice from an industry expert in the HR field also note that the companies who would like to participate in the MEA program can leverage their candidacy for an award as a powerful strong employer brand in the 2020 MEA campaign and beyond.

International Companies - Establishing that they are actually making a difference

What Ms. Lam suggested is that international companies not just describe what they have been doing, but showing or proving how it has been made in difference for their business, and what changes companies have done to make a positive impact on Myanmar economic growth as a whole.

Local Companies - Being yourself is key

Local companies who strive to be the best might not have to same expansive practices and standards international companies are implementing – and that is okay. By working with integrity in how the company is balancing between company interest and public interest, individual company personalities can shine through in their own way. She has also forecasted that Myanmar has a great future in its economy as shown by the putting of HR at the center of most business strategies.

Overall, companies could take note that showing actual and measured evidence about being the best of the best, the great services they provide to the market, and being innovative are all ways to impress this judge; as well as being a good practice for your business. Winning an MEA awards is a game-changer for your company to be noted as a top employer and also can be used as a recruiting pitch for your companies to retain and attract potential talent.

Ms. Winnie Lam has been working in the region for the past 13 years. She specializes in organizational efficiency and development and is an expert HR Strategist. Winnie was also the organizer of the first Best Employer Awards 2006 in Vietnam under Navigos Group Vietnam; where she was the Director for HR Advisory Services.

Thanks to Ms. Lam and to all of our distinguished judging panel of C-level Executives and HR Directors who were part of this significant event. The Myanmar Employer Awards are a platform for an employer to be recognized in the quality of their achievement and success of the company’s programs, while also encouraging companies to strive towards greatness in practicing effective HR strategy and talent management.

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