There are a number of strict measures taken to ensure maximum credibility (and removal of bias) in the scoring and judging process.

  1. Over 20 independent expert local and international judges review every essay.
  2. A strict "No Conflict of Interest Rule" applies, whereby a judge cannot vote for: a company he or she has been employed in the last 36 months or a competitor of that, as well as any company any immediate family member has significant business interests in.
  3. Final scores are calculated based on different weights to ensure that the outcomes do not rely on a single component. including your own company's Employee Engagement Survey.
  4. To mitigate the risk of unsubstantiated claims and vague generalizations, each category essay is divided in 3 main chapters. 
    1. Strategy & Execution, where companies can present the overall approach, policy, strategy, decision making process and planned activities of a specific HR function.
    2. Results & Outcome, where participants are obliged with presenting measured outcomes and benefits of the execution of their activities.
    3. Supporting Documents & Evidence where companies need to present any graphs, charts, videos, pictures or any other supporting evidence to substantiate their claims. Over 70% of the essay score is derived from the scoring of actual results and evidence, rather than vague strategy claims that don't always translate into performance.
  5. In 2020, entrants may only apply to 4 categories, giving employers (large or small) even better chances amongst their peer companies to win major individual and Best of the Best awards.
  6. The judging process and conflicts of interest rules are all independently verified by the MEA' Official internationally recognised Verification partner Deloitte.

This gives companies a fair and even chance to be recognized both locally and internationally as an Employer of choice that adopts best company and HR practices, resulting in a stronger, more robust organisation that supports, attracts and retains the best talent.



(web link: Now in their fourth year, the Myanmar Employer Awards promote advances and excellence across HR and human capital management. By celebrating companies in Myanmar who are committed to providing an enriching work environment for their employees, the MEA comes together once a year to establish benchmarks in the industry and mark the progress that continues to be made year after year. Each December, the Myanmar Employer Awards along with its esteemed panel of judges looks forward to receiving the applications and assessing the health and development of the HR industry in Myanmar.