Today, much of the industry is having a difficult time deciding how to brand their company in a cost-effective and efficient manner. So, it is important to invest in differentiating one’s brand among the hundreds of other companies in the market. Winning a Myanmar Employer Award and/or being named a finalist brings positive visibility in client and partner relationships regarding being recognized as a Myanmar Employer of Choice. These companies named as the Best of the Best in Myanmar are able to further their employer brand by showing the trophy awards on a website, distributing press releases, gain mentions on social media channels, receive branded email signature, and so on which comes with being recognized as a Myanmar Employer of Choice.

Here are the top five reasons that the Myanmar Employer Awards help positively leverage company brands. Even though a company may already have a strong brand in your industry, mentioned as an award-winning business will be a key differentiator brand among competitors.

1. Build a strong organizational culture

It is undeniable that having a strong company culture is an integral part of a business’s success and helps them keep top talent. Winning an MEA or being named a finalist would increase trust, value, and a sense of achievement throughout the company; and it has brought a great work environment as it is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate employee’s accomplishments who make a great impact on organizational success.

2. Showcase your standard in among competitors

Another great aspect of winning an MEA is that the annual award-winning brands can be a key differentiator in Business to Business relationships that not every organization can tout, and increase the chances of strengthening and building a partnership due to these baked in strengths. Being an award-winning business shows a company’s high standards and makes businesses stand out in the competition.

3. PR Benefits & Public Recognition

The Myanmar Employer Awards strongly coves winners, finalist, and participant companies alike in biggest media platforms, with official media partners The Myanmar Times, Myanmar Insider and The Straits Times all giving high visibility, as well as other publications and platforms including CEO Magazine and further international digital media platforms across various media assets. Also, MEA participants have a chance to win the People's Choice Award, which is decided by the public  and helps visibility strong marketing and advertising campaign successes when compared to others.

4. Excellence your Recruiting Pitch

Myanmar Employer Awards are a unique showcase as one of the best potential employers for new recruits; helping to attract and keep the talent companies need. Pitching a business as a No.1 Myanmar Employer of Choice will also help to increase employee morale and emphasizes continuous innovation.

 5. Networking with Industry Experts

Gala Night for the Myanmar Employer Awards is one of the great opportunity to networking with high profile business professionals, industry experts, CEOs, MDs, HRDs, and business leaders from a variety of industries. Knowing that businesses who take their dedication to high HR standards seriously are all part of the MEA program gives people the understanding that they are in good company with like-minded professionals. It will also be one of the best ways to expand your expertise and learning from the success of similarly successful people who have a reputation in building reliable businesses and are knowledgeable in increase partnerships and business opportunities.

These benefits are all rolled together in one national campaign acknowledged throughout Myanmar as the Gold Standard in HR and Human Capital Management; more effective than most individual standalone efforts. Winning an MEA is recognition across the country which also garners greater reputation that a particular company is one of the most successful among its industry.

The Myanmar Employer Awards campaign (powered by is designed to recognise employers and top industry leaders across the country for their exceptional achievements and relentless commitment to employer excellence and talent management. By participating in the Myanmar Employer Awards, companies will have a chance to gain recognition for hard work done in implementing policies and practices in recruiting, developing, and retaining employees. For more information, please find out


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