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  • Type: Direct Employer
  • Industry: Banking/ Insurance/ Microfinance
  • No. Employees: 501 to 1000


No.321, Corner of Sayar San & Baho Street, 2/B Ward, Mingalardon Township, Yangon, Myanmar,ရန်ကုန်တိုင်း, Myanmar

ကၽြန္ေတာ္တို႔ ဘာေတြလုပ္သလဲ

ASA Microfinance Myanmar Limited is a subsidiary of ASA International Group plc (‘ASA International’). ASA International is one of the world’s largest international microfinance institutions offering socially responsible financial services to low-income, primarily female entrepreneurs across Asia and Africa.

ASA International owns and operates microfinance institutions, including deposit-taking microfinance banks, in India, Pakistan, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Myanmar, Zambia, and Sierra Leone and has its head offices in Amsterdam and Dhaka.

ASA International is listed on the London Stock Exchange as a premium listed company.

Increasing financial inclusion and promoting the social and economic development of our clients and their communities is at the heart of ASA International’s mission. As of 31 December 2022, the Company has over 2,000 branch offices and a gross loan portfolio of over USD 350 million. ASA International employs 13,600 plus staff worldwide to serve 2.3 million clients.

ASA Myanmar has branches in 5 regions (Yangon, Bago, Mon, Magway and Sagaing) with the largest number of branches in Yangon. ASA Myanmar is indirectly wholly owned by ASA International.

We offer four types of loans:

1. Microfinance loan
2. Small enterprise loan
3. Individual loan

Our loans provide an alternative to low income entrepreneurs without access to credit from traditional banks. We provide these loans using the ASA Model.


Donated to Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief & Resettlement for Flood disaster at Bago Region.
Medical Health Camp: Opening temporary medical health camp for 210 to Magway division/Magway township.
Educational materials donation program: Donated educational materials, school bags, Milks, Bread, Chocolate, for 410 beneficiaries to Bago division / Thanatpin high school.
Food relief distribution (15 August 2019): Donated rice, cooking oil, noodle, cake, canned Fish for 1175 beneficiaries to (seven townships in Mon state)

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 Monitor compliance with update laws, regulations and internal policies of the entities where we worked.  Providing reports on a regular basis, and as directed or requested, to keep the (compliance committee) board and senior management informed of the operation and progress of compliance efforts.  Developing, Reviewing, maintaining of compliance policies, manuals, procedures, and other instructional documents with a focus on continuous improvement.  Perform risk assessments to understand the level, significance and scope of risk.  Proactively identify potential non-compliance related risks and devise procedures to eliminate effectively.  Investigate irregularities and non-compliance issues.  Highlight or escalate areas of concern.  Educate employees on not only the regulations but also the impact to the organization if these are not complied with.  Maintain proper record of compliance assessments and duly notify management of conditions that flout set of standards.  Contribute to robust and effective compliance controls within the organizations.  Foster a culture of compliance through ASA international and its subsidiaries.  Any other jobs assigned by Management.
Job Responsibilities Candidate should be responsible for System Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting task for both Local and Global Data Centers and Cloud Services. This includes maintaining All IT infrastructure such as Server System, Virtualization, OS, Updates, Patch Management, Data backup, Data Security, Event and Log Manage, Reporting, Licensing for Local and Global Branches. Taking Periodic Updates, Complying ISMS Policy and enforcing changes where required. Candidate should be responsible for System design, plan and deployment, IT product selection & procurement task. Candidates should provide documentation and technical specifications to IT staff for planning and implementing new or upgrade of IT infrastructure. Create a concrete ICT development and deployment plan within the organization, work as a team member to achieve the proposed visions. Manage and prioritize the team’s workload on a daily basis. Work with our global Teams to develop, support, implement and improve existing and new workflow processes. Analyze the business requirements of all departments to determine their technological needs. Finally, collaborate the development and deployment phases with the documented technical specifications. Candidate should be responsible for taking ownership for completing assigned Project within the given time frame. Candidate should be able to forecast upcoming requirements and should be able to submit proposal to management. Candidate should be responsible for data security and data backup as per IT and ISMS Policy and be perform or delegate regular backup operations and implement appropriate processes for data protection, disaster recovery, and failover procedures. Identify problematic areas and implement strategic solutions in time Audit all Systems and assess their outcomes. Candidate is responsible for complying all ISMS and IT policies. Reading System Generated Logs, detecting errors, failures, creating reports and solutions for the errors, co-relate with other system and preserve the logs etc. Candidate should be responsible for working with cross functional team to achieve the same goal. Candidate should be responsible for his own skill development, product knowledge, training and certifications. Candidate should communicate with vendors, suppliers, Service Providers for new requirements, current solution, Warranty Claim, AMC/SLA and troubleshoot purpose. Preserve IT assets and maintaining proper documentations for Regular System Operation, Purchase, Approvals, Changes, Incident reports etc. Candidate should report to his team Lead or Supervisor, and MD. Job description might get changed due to requirement, Candidate should comply all the task assigned on him. Generating all required MIS and other reports from AMBS as per need of Finance & Account and Operation.
• To prepare Individual Audit Plan, Monthly Audit Plan and Annual Internal Audit Plan. • To advise and supervise the audit activities carried out by the audit team/field auditors as per the Annual Internal Audit Plan. • To delegate, allocate and assign audit team/field auditors to carry out the audit work. • To finalize the audit reports (including special report) and deliver to the respective management. • To finalize monthly summarized reports and submit to GIA, ASAl. • To ensure conformity with Internal Audit Manual in all phases of the audit process. • To ensure the timely and effective execution of the audit work. • To attend exit meeting with auditee's management to discuss on the audit findings identified during the course of audit if required. • To discuss with management of major risks or audit findings identified in the audit report. • To review and discuss on the reply received from auditee for any disputes or disagreement. • To ensure that audit engagements are conducted in accordance with the audit work programme and objectives of the audit has been achieved. • To prepare Monthly Field Visit Roster Plan and track the field visits of the audit team. • To carry out HO audit, 3rd line of defense work and any other assignment assigned by the GIA in regular interval. • To formulate the audit techniques, audit guidelines, audit program and checklists for the performance of audit work. • To deliver any other reports (i.e. staff position, staff movement register, monthly brief summary reports, fraud and misappropriation reports and etc.) to the GIA within due time. • To carry out any other work assigned by the GIA. • To discuss with the Risk Management Team in respect of risk identification, risk register completion and timely submission of reports. • To review and analyses risk registers and prepare a comparative summary statement on the basis of significant risk and submit it to the GIA. • To resolve any other matters related to entity risk management services. • To perform the annual performance appraisal for internal auditors under his / her supervision within Internal Audit Department. • To identify the needs and requirements for additional resources. • Continuous communication with the GIA, as well as respective Assistant GIA and Manager-Internal Audit to keep the management update about any important issues regarding audit, risk management and compliance services. • To ensure the preservation of various documentations for audit work such as working papers, supporting evidence, permanent file, current file, circulars, minutes, office memo, preserving duly signed risk registers, other meeting minutes in separate files, all reports and e-mails sent to and received from ASAI Holding and any other documents which need to be preserved. • To conduct department and monthly meeting to discuss on the issues of Internal Audit Department. • To finalize the meeting minutes and submit to management. • To ensure proper follow up on the items discussed in department meeting and monthly meeting. • To conduct meeting with external auditor and other clients/lender (if required). • To monitor internal auditor's performance and the training when required. • To arrange and conduct training activities for the internal auditors of Internal Audit Department. • To organize any training or workshop that would be conducted by the management of ASAI. • To facilitate workshop or training for both local and expatriate staffs regarding compliance and risk management services.
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