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  • Type: Direct Employer
  • Industry: Agriculture/Forestry/Fishing
  • No. Employees: 101 to 200


မြောင်းတကာစက်မှုဇုံ,မှော်ဘီ,ရန်ကုန်-မန္တလေး အမြန်လမ်း ၃၅မိုင် ၄ဖာလုံ,ရန်ကုန်တိုင်း, Myanmar

ကၽြန္ေတာ္တို႔ ဘာေတြလုပ္သလဲ

European မှ ကြက်မျိုးရင်းများ တင်သွင်း၍ ပဲခူး ၃၅ မိုင်ရှိ မျိုးရင်းခြံတွင် European စက်ကြီးများဖြင့် မွေးမြူပါသည်။ မျိုးရင်းခြံမှ ရရှိလာသော ကြက်ဥများကို မှော်ဘီရှိ ကြက်သားဖောက် စက်ရုံသို့ ပို့ဆောင်၍ European စက်ကြီးများဖြင့် တရက်သား ကြက်သားပေါက်များ ထုတ်လုပ်ပါသည်။ ထို တရက်သား ကြက်သားပေါက်များအား ကာကွယ်ဆေး ၂မျိုး ထိုးနှံ၍ စျေးကွက်ရှိ ပြည်သူများထံ ဖြန့်ဖြူး ‌ရောင်းချလျက်ရှိပါသည်။

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All Belga Myanmar Company Limited Jobs
Main tasks Human Resources: Leading Recruiting Activities Coordinate all stages of the hiring process, including posting job openings, reviewing and screening applications, conducting interviews, and on boarding new employees. You need to oversee background checks and drug screens while ensuring compliance with all federal, state, and local employment laws. Manage Employee Relations Must be solve employee conflicts and complete investigations as required. You need to work with management to administer employee discipline or corrective action when needed. Need to assess employee engagement and retention, and actively work to identify, analyze, and improve any problematic areas which are under Bel Ga Myanmar. ( i.e, Yangon, Bago) Plan and Hold Training Events You need to design and implement training and development programs for hourly and salaried employees. This includes using their extensive knowledge of policies like the Family and Medical Leave Act, workers’ comp, shortterm disability, and long-term disability to teach employees about their workers’ rights. Manage Payroll Make ensure that employees have a systematic method for reporting their attendance record. You need to arrange for time management skill on all of employee to avoid Over Time work as much as possible. Make certain that payroll taxes are paid in a timely fashion and manage miscellaneous payroll deductions. All other HR related tasks and responsibilities must take responsibility base on work requirement. Provide a wide range of business support to the Managing Director. Provide interpretation and translation assistant to Management between English and Myanmar language. Manage Management’ office including meeting arrangement, calendar maintenance and coordination of support functions. Arrange Management’ business travel including but not limited to air ticket booking, accommodation reservation, agenda organization, documentation preparation. Assist Management with all work related and private related topics, which may arise on the basic of his expat status in Myanmar. Ensure all documentations submitted to MD to be checked carefully to avoid mistakes. Be responsible for the preparation of the agenda, meeting minutes, preparation of the MD to attend meetings and others as assigned. Handle all other duties as and when delegated by the MD. Support in managing and supervise office administration. Assist the MD in all coordinate work pertaining to all direct report under his supervision. Contacts local authorities, law firms, MIC, DICA and others to discuss legal procedures and timeframes regarding the projects. Other tasks as assigned by the MD (tasks can be related to marketing, human resource and others.) Maintain good relationship with all authorities. Support to management in marketing related activities such as organized seminars, create client’s goodwill.
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