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✅ Responsible to manage the classroom and teach students to meet proposed learning outcomes by creating an active learning environment. ✅ Responsible to monitor and control of all students progress (Academic and non-Academic). ✅ Develop and update teaching methodology whenever necessary based on students’ needs and organization regulations. ✅ Perform as Lead by example for students as well as academic assist tutors. ✅ Represent the professional image as well as organization’s brand.
✅ Manage office supplies, equipment, and maintenance to ensure smooth daily operations. ✅ Coordinate with vendors, contractors, and service providers as needed. ✅ Develop and implement office policies and procedures to enhance efficiency. ✅ Assist with recruiting, onboarding, and offboarding processes. ✅ Maintain employee records and handle HR-related inquiries. ✅ Coordinate employee training programs and performance evaluations. ✅ Facilitate HR policy, SOP and services. ✅ Assist in budget preparation and expense tracking. ✅ Process invoices, expenses, and payroll in a timely manner. ✅ Monitor office expenditures and recommend cost-saving measures. ✅ Act as a liaison between employees, management, and external stakeholders. ✅ Organize meetings, conferences, and events, including scheduling, logistics, and documentation. ✅ Manage communication channels such as emails, phone calls, and correspondence. ✅ Define relevant office policy and SOP; And ensure the whole office follow. ✅ Design document protection, retention and management as well as appropriate filing systems. ✅ Follow up on all issues until resolution and achieve. ✅ Liaise with department heads and external organizations.
✅ Plan and execute to achieve monthly target for the department. ✅ Develop monthly workforce plan align with weekly pre-determined sales target. ✅ Manage, select, develop, train and motivate sales team. ✅ Ensure every team member acquired target individually from time-to-time. ✅ Mitigate strategy and tactical hiccups to improve productivity and conversion. ✅ Develop a sales cycle management for the organization and train the team. ✅ Initiate, draft and execute monthly sales plan align with organization goal. ✅ Mentor, coach, and monitor individual to become the highest level performer. ✅ Initiate in script writing for both sales calls and in-person presentation. ✅ Develop, review, and deliver daily, weekly- monthly target and individually and team to set performance indicators. ✅ Emphasize GUSTO’s offer and its unique to differentiate from other market competitor to enhance the closing. ✅ Motivating and maintaining the discipline and morale of sales team members. ✅ Appraising the performance of individual sales personnel to improve productivity and quality. ✅ Keep abreast with education market trend and align sales strategy. ✅ Develop the reporting system which can accurately measure and steer the team. ✅ Coordinating for sales activities, events, venues and costs internal and external.
✅ Arranged to administrative procedures and systems. ✅ Leading a team of complete arrange administrative duties. ✅ Developing, reviewing, and improving administrative system. ✅ Ensuring the office is stocked with necessary supplies and all equipment is working and properly maintained. ✅ Monitor inventory of office supplies. ✅ Oversee all operations. ✅ Good management skills, good attitude, Good personal skills.
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