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Design and develop interactive VR experiences specifically for the VR Chat platform. Implement game mechanics, UI elements, and multiplayer features using Unity. Collaborate closely with artists and designers to create visually stunning and immersive VR environments within VR Chat. Optimize VR Chat experiences for performance and scalability to ensure smooth gameplay. Test and debug VR Chat applications to identify and resolve any issues that may affect the user experience. Stay updated on emerging VR technologies and best practices in Unity development to continuously improve our VR Chat projects. When applying, please specify the position you are interested in: VR Chat or VR platform.
Collaborate with the development team to conceptualize, design, and implement game mechanics, features, and systems. Utilize Unity or similar platforms to create engaging gameplay experiences. Experiment with the Game Guru Max platform and other tools to develop unique game elements. Communicate directly with clients to understand their requirements and provide updates on project progress. Participate in initial training sessions to familiarize yourself with new platforms and technologies. Contribute to brainstorming sessions and offer creative ideas to enhance game design.
1. Customer Relationship Management: Establish and maintain positive relationships with potential and existing clients, understand customer needs, and provide appropriate solutions. 2. Sales Targets: Develop and implement sales strategies to ensure the achievement of company-set sales goals and performance indicators. 3. Product and Service Promotion: Understand the company's software development outsourcing services and effectively introduce and promote the company's products and services to potential clients. 4. Market Research: Monitor market trends and competitor dynamics, provide market intelligence to support business decision-making. 5. Sales Negotiation: Lead the sales negotiation process, achieve profitable deals, and ensure agreements with clients comply with company policies and regulations. 6. Sales Reporting: Regularly generate sales reports, report sales activities, outcomes, and market feedback to management. 7. Team Collaboration: Collaborate with internal teams, including project management, technical teams, and customer support, to ensure customer needs are met.
Key Responsibilities: Product Sourcing: Conduct market research and identify potential products that align with the e-commerce platform's target market and customer preferences. Source products from various suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors through online research, trade shows, and industry contacts. Supplier Management: Establish and maintain relationships with suppliers, negotiate pricing, terms, and conditions to ensure favorable procurement deals. Evaluate suppliers based on quality, reliability, and ability to meet demand. Continuously assess supplier performance and make recommendations for improvement or alternative sourcing options. Product Evaluation: Assess the feasibility and profitability of potential products by analyzing market demand, competition, pricing, and profit margins. Conduct product evaluations, including sample reviews, quality checks, and testing, to ensure compliance with product standards and customer expectations. Price Negotiation: Negotiate competitive pricing and favorable terms with suppliers to maximize profit margins. Analyze pricing structures, consider volume discounts, shipping costs, and other factors to secure cost-effective sourcing arrangements. Continuously monitor market trends and adjust pricing strategies as necessary. Supply Chain Coordination: Collaborate with logistics and supply chain teams to ensure smooth product flow from suppliers to the e-commerce platform. Coordinate product shipments, customs clearance, and delivery schedules to optimize inventory management and minimize lead times. Vendor Performance Management: Monitor supplier performance based on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as on-time delivery, product quality, and customer satisfaction. Address any performance issues, resolve disputes, and ensure compliance with contractual agreements and service level agreements (SLAs). Product Listing and Data Management: Coordinate with cross-functional teams to ensure accurate and comprehensive product information, including descriptions, images, and specifications, is properly listed on the e-commerce platform. Ensure data integrity and timely updates to reflect changes in product availability or pricing. Market Research and Trend Analysis: Stay updated with market trends, consumer preferences, and industry developments. Analyze competitors' product offerings, pricing strategies, and promotional activities to identify opportunities for product differentiation and market positioning.
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