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  • Type: Direct Employer
  • Industry: Food and Beverage/Catering, Manufacturing
  • No. Employees: 1001 to 5000


No.(33), 6 1/2 miles, Pyay Road, Hlaing Township,ရန်ကုန်တိုင်း, Myanmar

သင္ဘာလို႔ ကၽြန္ေတာ္တို႔နဲ႔ ပူးေပါင္းသင့္တာလဲ

Our Human Capital’s vision is “inspired colleagues performing at their best”. In order for this to materialize GRGI places high emphasis on nurturing and developing staff. A high-performance culture is also in place where high performers are recognized and rewarded. If you are a high performer, come join us and we will help you unleash your full potential!

Poe Ei Phyu

Human Capital Manager

I have been working in GRGI for over 8 years and working in GRGI is truly one of the best professional developments for my career. As a focal of Learning & Development function, my role is to develop our employees by providing them with the knowledge and skills needed in their current jobs as well as to prepare them for higher level positions. This includes individual development and competency development programs which are highly structured to be in line with GRGI learning and development strategies. To align with the career aspirations, we offer a blend of classroom, online and workplace practical trainings and learning to truly enhance our employees for their new knowledge, skills, and development for their long-term career.

Sann Yu Wai

Heath Care Manager

It has been over 3 years of providing medical support as health care manager to the employees of GRGI. The health care team was established since 2002 and providing physical, mental, and occupational health care to the employees. We offer pre-employment medical checkup, annual medical checkup, and eye checkup twice a year. Medical leave compensation is entitled to all employees, and we provide not only treatment but also preventive care like covid vaccination, flu vaccination. We promote the health knowledge of employees by giving health education in person, online training, and health articles in newsletters. Working in healthy working environment, you can explore your future in GRGI that always practicing the company core values of 3Cs.

Thiri Hlaing

Human Capital Executive (Recruitment)

I would like to proudly share that being with Grand Royal Group International for over 6 years’, the workplace trainings that offers a blend of classroom, online help to enhance our employees’ skills and knowledge. The competencies have been improved over the years and I believe the workplace trainings that give a boost in learning and development of employees in GRGI play a vital role in building the GRGI’s vision, values, and culture. So, join us and we will help you unleash your full potential!

Wutt Yee Moe

Human Capital Assistant Manager

With over 7 years in Grand Royal Group International, I would like to illustrate that our employees feel valued, appreciated and most importantly, it is connected to the company’s vision, values, and culture. Respect and mutual support for each other is always there at GRGI therefore, I believe that an employee engagement in the workplace is very critical that is to support employee well-being, enhance productivity that would bring success to the company. From being said that I am very thrilled to have the opportunity to create and help activities to bring joy and inspiration to our colleagues with GRGI’s purpose of “Create and Celebrate Happiness Together”.

Pwint Thuzar Khaing

Human Capital Executive (Recruitment & Operations)

Recruitment specialist with over 3 years of technical and professional recruiting experience from entry-level to management. Enhanced skills in HC related customer service, staffing, recruiting, HC operations and administrative support. My role involves candidate short listing, screening, interviewing, and assisting with the hiring of qualified candidates for all departments using company’s best practices. Experienced Recruiter who matches the company’s vision, values, and culture to find the best candidates out there. Thus, I am delighted to invite you to join Grand Royal Group International.

Myo Khaing Oo

Human Capital Manager (Compensation & Benefits)

I have been working at GRGI for more than 10 years and at GRGI, we believe that our rewards and recognition program is a business enabler that will help deliver our strategic human capital objectives. To achieve this, we always align rewards and recognition with our business and human capital strategies by providing market competitive compensation and benefits program. Our base wage and variable pay are highly differentiated based on high performance, pay level competitiveness and growth potential.

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All Grand Royal Group International Jobs
SAP (FI): Oversee the financial operations within the SAP ERP system, including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and asset accounting. Ensure all financial transactions are accurately represented and meet regulatory requirements. SAP (CO): Manage the cost accounting-related operations, including cost element, cost center, and profit center accounting. Enable accurate and timely reporting of all financial information for internal decision-making SAP (PP): Oversee the management of manufacturing processes in the SAP ERP system, from the planning phase to production execution. Ensure the efficient use of resources and timely production to meet customer requirements SAP (SD): Manage the entire sales process within the SAP ERP system, from order to delivery. Ensure timely and accurate recording of sales data and provide insights for sales forecasting and planning SAP ABAP Programming: Develop and maintain ABAP programs within the SAP system. Ensure optimal performance, troubleshoot issues, and modify existing programs as necessary. Stay updated on the latest ABAP programming techniques and practices Provide technical leadership and training to the SAP ERP team members to enhance their skills and productivity Lead and coordinate ERP system upgrades and enhancements, ensuring minimal business disruption and improvements in system efficiency Design, implement, and manage ERP maintenance schedules. Troubleshoot system issues as they arise and implement solutions in a timely manner Collaborate with various teams and stakeholders to understand business requirements and translate them into ERP solutions Develop and maintain documentation of procedures, system manuals, and best practices. Ensure compliance with these procedures across the team Manage ERP project initiatives by setting project scopes and schedules, coordinating resources, and ensuring timely completion of deliverables Liaise with software vendors to manage relationships and ensure the company is receiving the highest level of service Stay updated on ERP trends and technologies to identify potential areas of improvement and keep our systems state-of-the-art. System Implementation and Enhancement: Ensure successful design, configuration, testing, and deployment of the SAP ERP system. Accountable for system upgrades and enhancements that improve business operations and user experience Module Management: Responsible for effective management and performance of all SAP ERP modules, including FI, CO, PP, SD, and ABAP. Ensure optimal usage and customization of these modules according to the organization's requirements Team Leadership and Development: Accountable for the performance and development of the SAP ERP team. Foster a productive and learning environment to enhance team capabilities. Technical Support and Troubleshooting: Ensure timely and effective resolution of system issues and problems. Accountable for minimizing system downtime and ensuring continuous availability of ERP services to all users. Vendor Management: Responsible for maintaining productive relationships with software vendors. Ensure the company is receiving optimal service and value from these partnerships. Project Management: Oversee all ERP-related project initiatives, accountable for their timely and successful completion. Ensure projects align with business requirements and meet set objectives. Compliance and Documentation: Accountable for maintaining all documentation related to SAP ERP system procedures, system manuals, and best practices. Ensure compliance with these procedures across the team and with regulatory standards. Training and User Assistance: Responsible for providing training and support to end-users, ensuring they can use the ERP system effectively. Budget Management: Oversee the budget for all ERP-related expenditures. Ensure cost-efficiency and value for money in all investments. Keeping Abreast of Industry Trends: Remain up-to-date on emerging ERP trends and technologies. Incorporate relevant innovations into the organization's ERP strategy to maintain a competitive edge.
Technical administration and support of SAP systems, SAP Application Servers and other attached components. Configure communication between SAP systems and interface with external systems HANA Database administration - SAP HANA Database support patch update in the linux platforms Making sure that the SAP system hosted infrastructure and associated systems run smoothly, perform within agreed targets, and provide a secure platform for the company’s business operations. Supporting and monitoring existing network infrastructure, perform preventative maintenance work, backup and perform other regular support activities to ensure effectiveness and to provide cover on such tasks when required. Supporting and monitoring the head office’s internal networks and links to branch offices other sites or the internet, and to ensure they are configured and connected to SAP system. Ensuring that all works and changes are performed in such a way as to minimize all disruption to existing business use. Negotiate between SAP consultants, Network application support, other directorates, and external suppliers to resolve often highly technical or contentious issues and conflicts to ensure that projects and work packages are delivered on time and within budget. Respond to emergency situations as needed for the purpose of resolving immediate concerns. Managing SAP Backup & DR on Cloud, BCP plan to make sure every business application is ready to use in DR case. Manage and monitor for VMware Horizon web-based applications for SAP Administrator access. Deep understanding of all components of SAP Solution Manager, including SAP(ASCS+PAS), SAP(ASCS +ERS), SAP(PAS+AAS) as well as deployment of several functional modules and integration with other Systems. Deep knowledge of operating systems, virtualization, and networking Experience with high availability (HA) production and development deployment and configuration of SAP Solution Manager Configuring, and maintaining VMware products, such as vSphere ,VMware Hosts and ESXi Servers, VMware security, VMware environments. Provide SME guidance and perform core BASIS activities such as systems/servers administration, transports management, fiori launchpad configurations, web dispatcher/router setup, high-availability and disaster recovery setup, database administration, performance tuning, etc. Batch jobs admin, RFC maintenance, ICM log analysis, HANA DB online/offline backup/restore, transport management and other regular Basis admin tasks.
Assist in developing and executing brand & communication campaign within strategic direction Assist in the identification and development of brand-building ideas and work closely with other departments, and agencies outside parts to implement them (production, brand activation team, sales, consumer insight, procurement, advertising agencies, event organizers, suppliers, etc.) Closely monitor market trends and competitive activity Act as the Brand Guardian in the absence of the brand manager Prepare weekly/ monthly/ quarterly reports and brand presentations as needed Smooth execution of all campaign & communication activities Ensure timely delivery of all media and communication deliverables and working with the internal media team for the proper execution of communication role out plan through the touchpoints & with agencies for timely project delivery at agreed quality Monitor & report the market share and volume achievement of the brand & analysis report Manage all third-party contracts with suppliers (renew, draft, negotiate payment terms) Manage brand development budgets
This is a role focusing on Brand Strategy and Marketing Communications. Determine brand objectives/strategy, both quarterly and yearly, in line with the organization portfolio strategy. Responsibility for Market Share, Mindshare, brand P&L & overall profitability of the brand. Lead the development and implementation of the aligned brand marketing plan by identifying key consumer insights and opportunities to deliver the brand and category financial results. Responsible for assigned brand's new product launch assessment and deployment in market, including P&L, pricing, place and positioning. Lead on-going analysis and review of consumer, category, channel/customer and competitive information as part of a situation assessment on brand performance and identify growth opportunity. Builds productive working relationship with Advertising Agency, Sales team, Insight Team, finance and supply chain to manage brand's day to day operations. Responsible for launch management, building launch plans and legal & regulatory compliance Manage brand development budgets Smooth execution of all campaign & communication activities. Team management & Development
SAP ERP Module Management: Take ownership of our SAP ERP system with a particular focus on the following modules:FI: Oversee financial operations, including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and asset accounting. CO: Manage cost accounting-related operations, such as cost element, cost center, and profit center accounting. PP: Oversee manufacturing processes, from planning to production execution. QM: Ensure quality control processes are integrated into our ERP system. MM: Manage procurement and inventory processes. SD: Oversee the entire sales process, from order to delivery. WM: Manage warehouse operations within the ERP system. Business Process Alignment: Collaborate with various departments to understand their specific business processes and requirements, aligning them with the capabilities of the respective SAP modules. User Support and Training: Provide support and training to end-users within each of the specified modules, enhancing their proficiency and troubleshooting module-specific issues as they arise. Module Specific Enhancements: Identify, plan, and implement module-specific enhancements and upgrades to meet evolving business needs within Finance, Controlling, Production and Planning, Quality Management, Procurement, Sales, and Warehouse Management. Data Management and integrity: Oversee data integrity, security, and compliance within each of the specified modules, ensuring that data is accurately represented and meets regulatory requirements. Module Specific Reporting and Analytics: Develop and maintain reports, dashboards, and analytical tools within each of the specified modules, providing actionable insights for decision-makers. Change management for Modules: Ensure that changes, updates, and enhancements within each of the specified modules are managed effectively, considering user adoption and business continuity. Vendor Liaison: Maintain relationships with software vendors for the respective modules, ensuring the organization receives quality support and timely updates specific to each module. Business Process Optimization: Continuously identify opportunities for process optimization and efficiency improvement within each module. Collaborate with stakeholders to implement best practices. Compliance and Regulatory Oversight: Ensure that the company's ERP practices within each module comply with industry regulations and standards. Stay updated on relevant legal and regulatory requirements. SAP Module Management: Accountable for the effective management, operation, and optimization of the specified SAP modules, including Finance (FI), Controlling (CO), Production and Planning (PP), Quality Management (QM), Procurement (MM), Sales and Distribution (SD), and Warehouse Management (WM). Business Process Alignment: Ensure alignment of business processes across departments with the capabilities and functionalities of the SAP modules. Accountable for streamlining processes and improving cross-functional efficiency. User Proficiency and Support: Accountable for the proficiency and satisfaction of end-users within the specified modules. Provide timely support and training to enhance user capabilities and resolve module-specific issues. Module-Specific Enhancements: Accountable for identifying, planning, and successfully implementing module-specific enhancements and upgrades that address evolving business needs and improve operational efficiency. Data Integrity and Security: Accountable for data integrity, security, and compliance within each module. Ensure that data is accurately represented, secured, and meets regulatory requirements. Reporting and Analytics: Accountable for developing and maintaining module-specific reports, dashboards, and analytics to provide actionable insights for decision-makers, enabling data-driven decision-making within each module. Change Management for Modules: Accountable for effective change management within the specified modules, ensuring smooth transitions, user adoption, and minimal business disruption during changes, updates, and enhancements. Vendor Relationships: Accountable for maintaining strong relationships with software vendors for the respective modules. Ensure that the organization receives quality support and timely updates specific to each module. Process Optimization: Accountable for identifying and executing opportunities for process optimization and efficiency improvement within each module. Collaborate with stakeholders to implement best practices and drive operational excellence. Compliance and Regulatory Adherence: Accountable for ensuring that the company's ERP practices within each module comply with industry regulations and standards. Stay updated on relevant legal and regulatory requirements and ensure adherence within the specified modules.
Coordinate all training (Corporate Training and Functional Training), including but not limited to, program enrollment, room scheduling, catering, setting up and breaking down audio/visual equipment and creating program materials for all trainers including external consultants. Assist in training needs analysis Update the training calendar on regular basis (soft and hard copy). Maintain the training registration system (Training Database or Training & Development Software), enrollment information, Training Evaluation Reports and expense report. Prepare training documentation such as training manuals, hand notes for participants, questionnaires and other support materials Schedule and plan of training sessions and send notification to participants Coordinate the preparation of training sessions, find training rooms, ensure all necessary equipment and catering arrangements as well Inform participants or employees about training demands, training outlines and other important aspects Keep records about each training course and also participants Print certificates, name tags, training agenda, attendance sheets etc. Prepare and distribute training certificates for those who attended the training. Prepare and distribute warning letters for those who not attended the training. Maintain all training materials and files in electronic and hard copy format. Create and maintain various reports and spreadsheets to track data. Filing and documentation of training materials both in hard and soft, according to our filing system Order and maintain Training supplies. Submit Payment and Service/ Stationery requisition in JDE system. ISO documents Controlling for Human Capital Department. Prepare monthly Training Report. Perform other related duties as assigned.
Sourcing, researches and compares suppliers, goods, and services, request cost proposals, negotiating and select the most suitable suppliers in terms of reliability, product quality, cost-efficiency, and awarding of contracts, PO for materials and services that meet the required specifications and quality of GRG. Develops procurement strategies by monitoring, determining inventory levels and purchase needs. Resolving supply, quality, service, and invoice issues with suppliers. Diligent, self-motivated and able to manage relationships with suppliers and other business units, both locally and regionally. Support superior in various aspects such as operational and administrative tasks to ensure the smooth function to align supply, requirements and compliance to protocols and procedures. Evaluate supplier’s performance based on the organization's criteria. Able to lead a team to meet deadline, on time in full deliveries of assigned goods or services. Undertake any other necessary duties as assigned. Execute sourcing and new product development for packaging materials and development of new suppliers to ensure alternative sources of supply. Ensure the quality of the raw materials meets GRGI specifications. Work with Suppliers to address quality issues that do not meet agreed-upon standards. Deploy the bid event (bid/tender) if needed for getting the right source of required packaging materials to supply. Ensure contracts are in place for all suppliers of all goods inclusive of terms and conditions, payment terms and delivery schedules in accordance with the requirements. Responsible for assigned purchase activities like sourcing, price negotiation, price comparison, issue Purchase Order and get PO confirmation receipt from suppliers and performs bid analysis and make recommendations for procurement if packaging materials. Execute purchasing process of product related goods and services for packaging materials to ensure that all required items for production use are called off on a timely need basis. Follow up with the supplier/transporter for the deliveries. Maintains cooperative working relationships with vendors to align with current trends and technologies, products and services. Analyze the data recorded against market conditions for the present and future pricing availability, lead-time, and capacity of goods and services. Prepare monthly operation report (MOR) and supplier performance evaluation (SPE). Assess and prepare the check list for supplier performance and take corrective and preventive action. Maintain monthly/quarterly ERP-JDE data for the ordering status. Record the due diligence, business requirement documents systematically for supplier database and develop the product catalogues to support specific requirement in time. Countercheck the data & documents in accordance with ISO procedures. Produce and maintain a supplier price history database to capture and assess the supplier’s price, quality and service performance. Manage and develop existing and potential suppliers pool and update the approval vendor list. Ability to work effectively under pressure, prioritizing and handling multiple tasks, whilst maintaining attention to detail identifies and researches potential new suppliers. Performs other duties as assigned. Researches and compares suppliers, goods, and services. Preparing and processing purchase orders. Maintaining records of all transactions, purchase orders, receipts, and payments. Schedule and verify purchase deliveries. Build and maintain positive long-term supplier relationships. Advise internal and external on issues regarding purchasing terms. Manages the daily operational purchasing needs such as planning, issuing, and following up on purchase orders delivery, and shipment schedules.
Maintain record for accurate stock movement and optimize warehouse space utilization. Record all documents for DC operation. Make sure fire safety preventative actions are followed and check office compound. Maintain optimum inventory with first in/first out. Assist to DC Sr. Executive, DC Officer for warehouse expense to make sure it is within budget. Efficiently utilize company assets such as warehouse space, equipment, forklift etc.. Responsible for the day-to-day operations and receive warehouse in-time, keep stock as per layout plan. Dispatch the goods (loading to Truck) in time. Ensure stock accuracy all the time, minimize storage damage and optimize DC productivity at all cost. Make sure corrective action are followed if there are discrepancy found in stock. Make sure to keep clean for warehouse and safety protocols are followed for finished goods. Summit inventory movement report on daily basis to related departments. Submit productivity report, utilization report, damage record report on monthly & weekly as schedule.
To create with the ‘creative brief format’ for better understanding on the concepts when the cross-functional departments request for artwork creation. To take ownership of all design and video requirements for Corporate Communications, Internal Communications and Engagements Activities. To be initiative on the ideation of creative content development in general. To be the in‐house designer and act as first point of contact for the design and production of print items/ artworks for corporate communications, CSR, Government affairs units, Human Capital Department, Manufacturing, Marketing & IDT Department, Co-chairman office & CEO office. Design key visuals, company presentation & template, create corporate videos, corporate logo animation & jingle, social media designs, newsletter, short animation for external and internal communications. Collaborate with CSR team to CSR events lay out design, back drop design and mockups. Manage and keep up to date the in–house image library for CSR projects, Internal Comms, Engagement activities. Maintain in-house corporate branding, collateral, and web content . Collaborate with 3rd party interior designers for corporate branding in the new office premises. Manage and organize third party video production teams and photographers for events, CSR programs and corporate communications and engagement activities when necessary. Ability to demonstrate competency in graphic design through presentation of portfolio. Demonstrable visual awareness in the design to print process. Competency in delivering excellent service (in house & external).
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