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Vision -Brew A better Future Mission- To Be the company that sets the highest standards by -Producing the highest quality beer in the most sustainable way -Building brands that consumers desire -Providing best in class customer service -Unlocking everyone' potential.
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About HEINEKEN Myanmar Limited

Employer Details

  • Type: Direct Employer
  • Industry: FMCG, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage/Catering
  • No. Employees: 201 to 500


Junction City Office Tower, Level 15 ;,Number 560(C), Tawywa Kwin, No.(4) Main Road, Leikpoke Village, Hmawbi Township, Yangon,ရန်ကုန်တိုင်း, Myanmar

Company vision and mission

Vision -Brew A better Future
Mission- To Be the company that sets the highest standards by
-Producing the highest quality beer in the most sustainable way
-Building brands that consumers desire
-Providing best in class customer service
-Unlocking everyone' potential.

ကၽြန္ေတာ္တို႔ ဘာေတြလုပ္သလဲ

HEINEKEN Myanmar Limited (formerly known as APB Alliance Brewery Company Limited) is owned by HEINEKEN (57%) and Alliance Brewery Company (43%). It operates one brewery in Hmawbi. Besides its international flagship Heineken® brand, HEINEKEN Myanmar also brews Tiger, ABC Extra Stout, Regal Seven and Bawdar. Its mission is to Brew a Better World and be a partner for growth in Myanmar, through a wide range of projects aimed at job creation, road safety, and advocating responsible consumption. The company currently employs more than 350 people.

သင္ဘာလို႔ ကၽြန္ေတာ္တို႔နဲ႔ ပူးေပါင္းသင့္တာလဲ

HEINEKEN Myanmar values that Quality , Ownership , Responsibility , Teamwork and Honesty .
We are highly motivated to invite the People who are willing to work in challenges , sprite, seeking new opportunities , international environment .

Our workplace and culture

HEINEKEN Myanmar is a high-paced team with international, young, experienced and fun people. When we talk about a good compensation, we mean more than just a good salary. Having fun in your work and a good balance between work and life is important.

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All HEINEKEN Myanmar Limited Jobs
PURPOSE OF THE POSITION This position is part of the utilities team and reports to the Utilities Team Leader/Manager Align and coordinate the operational and maintenance tasks with the Utilities Zone Technician/Specialist RESPONSIBILITY SAFETY, FOOD SAFETY & SUSTAINABILITY Execute/operate utilities in a safe & hygiene way Make equipment safe to work on and guards safety during work QUALITY Execute/operate Utilities work according to required quality specifications WORK PROCESSES Operate and control utilities equipment to provide uninterrupted resource supply to production at optimum level of performance Run technical support checks and operations; i.e. vibration monitoring, pressure checks, blow downs, lubrication checks, etc. Improve personal AM skills Execute change overs, clean parts and -tools Identifie anomalies and tags Manage work permit / installation handover for utilities ORGANIZATION, INTERFACES & PEOPLE MANAGEMENT Work together with the Utilities Zone Technician and reports to the Utilities Team Leader Support and coordinate proper handover between operations and maintenance for all Utilities maintenance jobs + handles/manages all communication and coordination between the execution team and operations during execution of the work TPM & CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT Recover equipment from fault conditions into standard condition Execute 5S supports and CILT Execute trouble shooting for first 15 minutes and assists (shift) technician Validate solution for breakdowns Participate in RCFA (5 why) Validate repairs in Utilities section INFORMATION & DATA MANAGEMENT Create work request for maintenance in the CMMS in accordance with master data process and -standards Create Utilities breakdown WO's with the required quality, hence ensuring proper BDA and -follow-up for future improvement Registration of stops
PURPOSE OF THE POSITION Participate to manage and develop the HEINEKEN Myanmar Brewing Team Support Brewing Manager in the implementation & execution of Autonomous Maintenance (AM) roadmap, analyze performance data and identify improvement opportunities to deliver expected target of AM pillar Implement and monitor Brewing Production Material management by suing JDE to ensure efficient ways of working of brewing material & chemical control to meet the business, Safety, Environmental, Financial and Operational objectives at minimum cost and in the safest manner Key liaison with Logistics, Planning & Finance team on production & brewing material-related matters & Material requisition& receiving, bright beer transferring & reporting RESPONSIBILITY Brewing Material control and management in Production Manage the Materials Resources Planning requirements based on production planning Manage timely and correctly Brewing Work Order creating in JDE system, received material checking and returnable process by daily basis Tracking and alignment with warehouse team the status of raw material and chemical receiving daily and providing timely report to Team Leader & Manager Tracking production plan and making sure that they are met by communicating changes to the production team Always ensure the quantity and quality of production materials Work closely with operators for production material requirements and quality issues Rotate weekly ground stock check and coordinate with finance team for monthly /yearly Stock Count Preparing reports on the status of production, including any material delays or problems that may occur Support the team in the reduction of material loss, analyze performance data and identify improvement opportunities Maintain appropriate records and complete necessary reports in a timely manner Ensure that all brewing material & chemical storage area are well organized with 5S standard Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify and implement process improvements that enhance efficiency, quality, and safety within the brewing operations Data Evaluation and Management Daily WO extraction from System and reporting Regular update brewing material daily, weekly report BCS –utilization reporting by Monthly Health & Safety Make sure PQI is according to company Health & Safety standard. Always maintain good 5S standard Ensure compliance with acts and procedures. Report BBS, Near miss, incidents. Participate in team risk management processes. Additional duties Perform additional duties commensurate with the current role, as and when requested by management To ensure compliance of Operational Standards/ System of Company (ISO/ HACCP/ Food Safety/ Laboratory Star System/ etc.) Follow rules, requirements, and procedure of operating systems Participate in System/Standard upgrading and new Standard/ System implementation
To ensure that the Brewing process areas are operated in an optimal manner in order to achieve production targets. Adhere to the shift, daily and weekly Brewing plan Ensure that all required raw materials are available to meet the production plan Ensure that all the required Utilities are available to start-up and to meet the production plan Inspect the plant and equipment and ensure that it is available and set up for start-up and production according to plan Start up, operate and shut down the plant according the relevant SOPs Clean and sanitise the plant and equipment according to the relevant SOPs Conduct quality tests to ensure cleaning and sanitising is done according to requirements Carry out walk about inspections and take action on deviations Measure and record process inputs, outputs and changes and take appropriate action where required To ensure the effective maintenance of the Brewing plant and equipment to meet brewing production targets. Carry out maintenance tasks as per the schedules Carry out external cleaning of the plant and work area according to standard procedures Identify and communicate non routine and breakdown maintenance tasks to relevant personnel Check and accept the plant as fit and safe for use after planned and or breakdown maintenance To ensure compliance to the Brewing product quality standards. Take samples, perform quality analysis and record data as required against laid down methods and procedures Perform and ensure adherence to reference sample analysis requirements and standards Perform calibration and maintenance of equipment as per laid down procedures Checks production performance against quality standards Highlights defective Raw Materials Capture, trend, display and action Brew house data, including short interval control data sheets, Process monitoring data [inputs and outputs], QC data and downtime data To ensure that effective teamwork occurs within and across shifts and teams at different levels. Participate in end of shift SBU meeting and communicate problems and potential problems Handover to the Operator of the next shift communicating performance, problems, and changes that may impact on the shift Identify and resolve conflict within the team Participate in team goal setting Participate in individual and team reviews and provide performance feedback To ensure that Brewing operational problems are identified and resolved at root cause level. Use brewing problem identification triggers to identify efficiency, quality and waste problems Follow up on progress made to solve problems identified Participates in formal Problem Solving Participates in developing loop closing routines To ensure a safe working environment where all legal requirements are met in socially responsible manner. Ensure compliance with acts and procedures Use PPE Ensure correct storage, handling and disposal of hazardous substances Report incidents Adhere to safety and housekeeping standards Participate in team risk management processes To ensure compliance of Operational Standards/ System of Company (ISO/ HACCP/ Food Safety/ Laboratory Star System/ etc.) Follow rules, requirements and procedure of operating systems Participate in System/Standard upgrading and new Standard/ System implementation
PURPOSE OF THE POSITION To carry out mechanical repairs/maintenance of all equipment/machinery in order to ensure proper functioning and thus facilitate uninterrupted production flow RESPONSIBILITY Breakdowns and repairs On receipt of work orders, prioritise urgency, giving first priority to production requirements Refer to the technical drawings/manuals/screens so as to promptly identify affected areas Coordinate with Engineering stores to obtain all required spares and in the event of unavailability raise an urgent request in the log to purchase whilst using a substitute/modification to rectify the issue temporarily in order to reduce production down time Ensure adherence to health and safety procedures when carrying out all activities (ex: Working at height, Safe work permit, etc.) Maintain detailed records of all faults and methods of rectification whilst updating work orders accordingly Inform Engineer/in charge of stores, the stock status to facilitate timely replenishments; carry out purchasing of items on receipt of instructions as and when required In the event of visits from service technicians, coordinate with them and provide a report on work completed to superior After work done leave the place organized Preventive maintenance/annual maintenance as per schedule Communicate with process owners in order to obtain release of machine/equipment to facilitate the repair and ensure that repair is carried out within the agreed time frame Maintain accurate records/documentation of all activities undertaken Handle all tools and equipment in a safe/methodical manner and ensure verification/transfer of equipment/tools across shifts In the event of identification of potential bottlenecks /faults, raise requisitions for required spares or proceed with in house fabrication of spares to ensure cost efficiency /to meet urgencies As preparation for annual overhaul, provide feedback to management on stock availability so as to plan and obtain resources on time Projects Adhere to energy saving (Water, Electricity and Thermal) practices and identify/recommend possible enhancements/modifications (using local spares) as per production requirements in order to optimise plant efficiency/cost reduction Shift Refer to the log book and communicate with technicians of previous shift so as to effectively handover shift and follow entries/instructions and ensure that required backlog of work is carried out effectively Maintain records of all tasks completed to facilitate future reference Update the log book/Maximo of available spare parts and inform Team Leader/Engineer/in charge of stores in a timely manner During the night shift, work without supervision, solve all issues (including assisting rectification of mechanical faults) prioritise as per urgency and keep Engineers informed in the event of critical faults Building & Facilities Maintenance Follow up daily electrical & electronic checklists and carry out regular inspection of the premises as required and attend to all components such as lighting, exhaust fans etc. Carry out a routine inspection around the premises, identify faults/potential problems (based on experience), alert respective departments whilst promptly taking corrective/preventive action Health & Safety Necessary PPE’s should be worn while working Obtain the necessary work permits while performing the maintenance /fabrication/project works to comply with company SHE policies Implicit compliancy to LOTO Additional duties Actively uses and assists with the development of the Computerised Maintenance Management System to effectively maintain and manage assets. Perform additional duties commensurate with the current role, as and when requested by management To ensure compliance of Operational Standards/ System of Company (ISO/ HACCP/ Food Safety/ Laboratory Star System/ etc.). Follow rules, requirements and procedure of operating systems. Participate in System/Standard upgrading and new Standard/ System implementation
Closely collaborate with distributor sales team, provide guidance, direction and coaching and ensuring execution follow national standards Develop solid and long-term influential relationships with wholesales and key decision makers at all levels in the assigned customer base. Ensure distributor follows administrative tasks on time and in full through required sales systems and processes Enable the creation of an aligned annual forecast of sales for each brand, by month. Estimate demand arising from seasonality and activities planned by the company. Provides timely inputs as new information becomes available. In reviewing forecast accuracy, is able to explain why actual sales vary by more than 10% of the sales estimates Review journey plans every six months. Defines calls, call frequencies using GAME, and allots appropriate travel and call time using best call time. Sequence each call by day, using a recognized method of route planning. Monitors adherence to the plan Use a number of questioning techniques to identify relevant customer needs and uses a prepared opening statement to engage the customer's interest. Present features advantages and benefits of the proposition effectively, using selling tools. Summarize key customer benefits succinctly before closing, using an appropriate closing technique Engage in structured negotiations with a customer, explaining value of proposition before negotiating, trading variables in order of priority. Trade concessions in return for something of value, using a range of tactics to achieve goals. If agreement is made, confirm and agree details. If not, agree next steps Coach all sales staff of distributor at least one day in each month using IFCAD process. Maintain detailed records of individuals' progress and use these to plan for upcoming coaching sessions and to identify additional development opportunities Always follow customer service standards and policies. Customers provide positive feedback on customer service. Identifie opportunities to improve customer service and works with appropriate stakeholders to make improvements Consolidate the contents of daily, weekly and monthly reports at the end of each month. Analyse these reports to identify opportunities to increase distribution of Opco's brands, improve A2QVP2 execution in-outlet or to increase average sales per outlet. Develop targets for the coming month. Shares these targets with the sales team Update standardized customer folders monthly. Include facts on customer's organization, strategies, and objectives. Analyse customer's business performance as a whole and in relevant categories. Details company's objectives, strategies and plans for customer and analysis of company's performance against them Act as entrepreneur and identifies and capitalizes on horizontal and vertical growth opportunities Assess and approves investment opportunities related to draught beers and other cold equipment, promotions, POSM investments, trading terms Oversee and control trading terms negotiations and agreements with retail outlets Actively support in inventory management of distributor by evaluating stock vs market demand and ensures stock levels are optimal and guarded in best manner to ensure quality standards are respected Plan, prepare and manage monthly and bi-monthly performance review meetings with distributor and sales staff to ensure KPIs are evaluated and improvement areas are addressed moving forward Prepare and review management support fees Actively drive sell out to retail outlets to optimize stock levels in market with highest possible numeric distribution Embed, maintain and improve the usage of HML processes and systems at distributor level to ensure compliance to national defined ways of working
PURPOSE OF THE POSITION Ensure compliance with HEINEKEN standards, rules & procedures and local legal requirement for contractors Support and advise OpCo’s Contractor management program, carry out the day to day safety activities of contractor management to ensure effective Health, Safety and Environmental measures are implemented and safeguarded for smooth operation of the project RESPONSIBILITY Support the organisation in Contractor Management Program with the aim for zero contractor incident and accident Conduct contractor safety induction trainings and job specific safety trainings Follow and comply with HEINEKEN’s LSR, ensure all contractors are following HEINEKEN’s LSR Conduct contractor’s safety pre-qualification and evaluation Review contractors’ method of statement, risk assessments and control measures to ensure safe execution of project works Assess contractor works and approve work permits onsite Ensure enough safety supervision and control is present at any time of project work execution (nights & holidays) On regular schedule, audit and assess the contractors’ work to ensure safety regulations and requirements are properly applied Act as main liaised person for HEINKEN’s SHE department and project to deal with contractor onsite Cross functional collaboration other stakeholders for smooth and timely project works execution Organise or participate in project safety meetings to give feedback to unsafe behaviour or conditions Investigate safety events (near miss, incident or accident) establish preventive countermeasures and report the result to SHE Manager, Project manager and Global Project& Engineering Record and keep the statistics of accident reports Observes people’ behaviour and share feedback for improvement and report to SHE Manager regularly Update accident, incident and near misses statistic at the safety pyramid on board Other ad hoc duties assigned
PURPOSE OF THE POSITION This position is mainly responsible for accurate tax data record, timely filling of tax declarations, accountable for all tax compliances Support in managing all domestic and global banking relationships, foreign exchange, loan & interest RESPONSIBILITY Ensure the timely reconciling the regarding general ledger of Tax and Treasury Support to develop, localise and implement HEINEKEN Tax Control Framework Manage daily cash position including foreign exchange and interest management Manage loan documentation and administration and arrange loan interest Collaborations with cross functional teams for tax and treasury matters Develop and maintain good relationship with banking counter parties and Internal Revenue Department and other third parties *Ad-hoc tasks assigned by management
PURPOSE OF THE POSITION Manage and oversee the team responsible for OtC activities, including credit policy management, customer bonus settlement, litigation/debt recovery for the OpCo, in accordance with OpCo statutory and tax guidelines, and Heineken policies and objectives, in order to achieve the agreed performance objectives (PPIs) and service levels, while contributing to ongoing continuous improvement, process standardisation and high levels of customer satisfaction. Be the business partner for the Opco sales and marketing management teams and through good understanding of commercial processes to ensure effective business decision making. RESPONSIBILITY Manage and oversee the team responsible for performing generic collections, pre due process, credit limit exceeded process, overdue process for customer and rebate processes for customer, financial accounting reporting activities Reconciliation of accruals and provisions relating to Order to Cash Manage the provision of standard reports (AR Ageing etc.) Manage escalated issue resolution across Order to Cash, consulting to ensure that needs of customers are being met by both the OpCo and the HGSS Manage priority customer relationships as appropriate Monitor and review process controls, and take the appropriate action when controls have not been followed according to the defined procedure (e.g., sufficient detail attached to each journal) Reinforce consistent performance of standard processes. Identify and report any non-compliant processes Support internal/external audits (VAT, Financial, Operations) and remediate any audit issue related to Order to Cash Provide advice to strengthen decision making in sales and marketing Create revenue, cost, margin, and profit pool analysis Prepare brand and channel profitability analysis *Ad-hoc tasks assigned by management
PURPOSE OF THE POSITION Perform Record to Report processes which include completing recurring entry, check and solve issues in GL postings and reviewing line items in the general ledger. These processes should be completed for the assigned OpCo, in accordance with Heineken process standards, policies and objectives. RESPONSIBILITY Prepare Balance Sheet recon and Banks Reconciliation Maintenance of monthly accrual, prepayments, provision schedules Complete the following processes - Determine and complete recurring entries - Check and solve issues in GL postings - Review line items in General Ledger and determine and perform corrective actions Consistently adhere to OpCo, local and Global guidelines, policies and regulations for areas including Tax, Record to Report etc Support internal/external audits by preparing information as and when requested Internal reportings Creation and update of Employee, Customer & Supplier Code, Exchange rate, BU & SCOA in JDE system (Master Data Administration) Ad-hoc tasks assigned by management
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