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Responsibilities: perform regression testing (detect and track software defects and inconsistencies. Report bugs and errors to development teams) perform validation testing Help troubleshoot issues Be the bridge for cross-functional teams to ensure quality throughout the software development lifecycle Support operations in data tracking and analytics Please complete the Job Application Form to proceed with the next step :
Oversee and support the implementation of client services Manage client and stakeholder communications before, during and after service delivery Oversee and manage supplier/vendor, partners or other stakeholders’ relationships Reconcile, document and organize records on services and projects performed Produce invoicing and other documents as needed Report on and resolve client, operational, partners and other stakeholders' issues Support with internal hiring effort on an as needed basis Handle administrative and additional tasks on an as needed basis
Learn details about our service offerings/price quotations Process invoices and issue receipts to clients on receipts of payments Reconcile payments to ensure the accounting system reflects the correct transaction Systematically record for all receipts and payments, outstanding bills, cash transactions, and all financial statement reports are accurate and timely Update day-to-day account information on the database Help in company operations Other administrative tasks assigned by operation and business team
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