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The main responsibilities of the Marketing Department are to draw up the Market Plan, Way Plan, and train your team. To lead and enter the market by yourself. To plan the Daily Way Plans of both Yangon and Mandalay Team before one day, one week, one month in advance, to submit a report to the GM, to send a CC mail to the CEO. Monitor the performance of ground Sales and Marketing staffs and plan sales promotion plans and way plans in consultation with the relevant Management Team. To gather information about the cosmetic market on a daily basis. Familiarize with customers and discuss Kanaiya brand engagement with customers more effectively. To have a good relationship with regular customers and to build a close relationship. To review the inquiry lists of marketing staffs and train the them to answer customers’ inquiry phones to explain the Kaniaya product information and contact them personally if need. To plan Training Programs to improve Personal Development and Brand Engagement of Sales & Marketing staff. To analyze the current Operation System and Sale Performance. Online Sales Plan should be drawn by connecting Ground Operations team and Online Digital Team. Explore suitable social influencers for online campaigns investigation and discuss plans with suitable ones along with a budget. Must be able to take initiative in preparing contents in order to provide product knowledge and brand messages effectively. Online Sales Campaign Budget Plan, To submit monthly with Sale Target Plan. To add daily sale reports, marketing report and expense report into sale analytic report frame. Online and offline dynamic sale plan to be prepared in advance so that it can always change depending on the market situation. To always counter check sales & marketing reports and ground reports. -To send the reporting to the relevant management team within the specified timeline. Survey other brands with similar products in the market, conduct market analysis and plan to improve the brand image in the market. Plans to penetrate new markets that have not yet been reached are prepared monthly and implemented in consultation with the relevant management team along with the budget. Establish sales targets and implement new online/offline plans to reach the target.
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