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All Kaung Swann Htet Trading Co., Ltd Jobs
Provide Data Analysis Assist in monitoring and Evaluating the QC data Assist Executive to complete duties as needed and work with team members Assist in Operation Conduct Data Management and Products Observation Report to Sr Executive(QC)
Employee attendance record and salary payment calculation Maintain HR records, including employee files, compensation, and benefits information. General knowledge and required legal knowledge according to labor law and rules of SSB, EC contract & Income Tax Arrange & Support all HR Activity Plans Building a culture of continual improvement all aligned to our purpose. Maintaining and regularly updating employee’s data Prepare the office announcement letter of any issues which are mentioned by management
Apply the company products’ performance survey and can collect the related data. Collect and search for the projects’ data and can put data entry. Maintain and organize product samples from spot checks for quality review. Provide the data as needed that is used for survey. Questionnaires scrip for projects survey and Data tabulation for projects survey Conduct Data Management and Field Observation
Develop and implement training programs, career development and succession plan while providing HR-related advice and support to employees Monitoring the success of the training plan and Balancing training Prepare and manage monthly training and training budget. Trains and coaches, supervisors and others involved in employee development efforts. Conducts follow-up studies of all completed training to evaluate and measure results. Assess and identify future and current learning needs through job analysis, performance appraisals. Develop and administer performance management systems to set performance expectations, provide feedback, conduct performance appraisals, and support employees in achieving their performance goals. Develop and monitor overall HR strategies and Analytical skills, systems, tactics and procedures across the organization Nurture a positive working environment and organizational culture
Ensure compliance of import and export laws and regulations. Prepare and review export documents, such as invoices, packing lists, and shipping labels, to comply with regulatory requirements. Maintain accurate records of shipments, including tracking information and customs documentation. Negotiate freight rates and taxes. Estimate and establish costs parameters and budget for purchase. Maintain records of purchases, pricing and other important data. Review and analyze all vendors/suppliers, supply and price options Work with team members and Assistant Manager (PU) to complete duties as needed
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