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Strategic Planning and Implementation : Develop and execute comprehensive marketing plans and programs, both short and long range, to support sales and revenue objectives. Conduct market research to identify trends and opportunities, and adjust marketing strategies accordingly. Coordinate marketing campaigns with sales activities. Brand Management : Ensure consistent branding across all marketing materials and communication channels. Develop and maintain a strong brand identity in the marketplace. Digital Marketing : Manage and optimize online presence, including website, social media platforms, and email marketing. Develop content strategies and oversee content creation for digital platforms. Utilize SEO and PPC strategies to drive traffic and sales. Customer Engagement and Loyalty : Develop and implement customer engagement strategies to build and maintain a loyal customer base. Oversee the creation and implementation of loyalty programs and promotions. Event Planning and Management : Plan and execute marketing events, including product launches, trunk shows, and promotional events. Coordinate with vendors, partners, and other stakeholders to ensure successful event execution. Analytics and Reporting : Analyze market trends and marketing campaign performance, and provide actionable insights. Prepare regular reports on marketing activities, including ROI analysis and recommendations for future campaigns. Budget Management : Manage the marketing budget, ensuring all activities are cost-effective and within budget. Track expenditures and provide forecasts for future marketing activities.
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