Myanmar Starlit (BHI)


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Presenting products online through various digital channels, including websites, mobile apps, social media sites, blogs, and email newsletters Measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by tracking customer data such as clickthrough rates and conversion rates Recommending changes to existing products or services based on input from customers Resolving any issues that may arise during the process of completing a sale Providing customer service to clients by answering questions about products or services offered Provides sales report on timely basis. Building and maintaining long term relationship with customers Responsible for achieving or exceeding the sales targets Any other duties assigned by line manager
- Assist the Sales Head in planning and implementing sales strategies to achieve sales targets. - Support the sales team in daily activities, including customer service, and ensure they have the necessary resources to perform well. - Collaborate with the marketing team to develop promotional activities and sales campaigns. - Handle administrative duties for the sales department, such as tracking sales data, preparing reports, and managing customer databases. - Must be able to organize the daily sales & marketing visit plan. - Ability to analyze sales data and market trends. - Coordinate with other departments to ensure the sales team's requirements are met. - Supervise and coordinate the daily activities of sales team engaged in promoting and selling a product. - Understand customer needs and offer solutions and support - Handle customers in their queries and complaints and be able to solve issues which may arise on ground from time to time. - Organize and coordinate sales schedules. - Receive and report on all sales leads. - Supervise sales assistants and any assign by Sales Head.
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