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Job Description of Shipping Accounts Executive Main Responsibilities: Process and records suppliers' invoices and agent disbursements Process and arrange payments to suppliers and agents Process and arrange payments for petty cash and staff claim Response to suppliers' enquiries Liaise with suppliers and/or relevant departments on invoice discrepancies issues Perform reconciliation of accounts payable Prepare fund request invoice to owners and follow up receipts of funds with owners Perform bank reconciliation Process and records crew payroll and master cash statements and arrange payments of crew wages, home allotment and cash to master Maintain and records inventories for victualling, bonded stores and lub oil Reconcile and prepare schedule and journal for accrual for non-PO suppliers and recurring expenses and advance payment account Prepare OPEX cost and/accounts schedules Prepare monthly accounts reports to ship owners Provide supporting vouchers for monthly accounts reports to ship owners Assisting corporate accounting team with reconciliations/banking duties Other ad-hoc duties assigned by Singapore team
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