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Having good English language skill Planning appropriate lessons to meet national curriculum guidelines, keeping up to date with changes. Creating engaging lessons to involve students of all abilities, coordinating with colleagues and TAs where needed. Setting up the classroom, organising displays and equipment. Using a mix of resources to enhance pupil’s exploration of the topic. Using different teaching methods, including whole class, group work, independent research, demonstrations, experiments and play, to motivate and encourage interaction in the class. Encouraging children to work together to achieve goals. Providing help and support to individual pupils as required, taking responsibility for their academic progress. Carrying out assessments and setting homework. Completing administrative work. E.g., taking registers, updating records, marking work and writing reports. Creating a learning environment that pupils respect. Setting expectations for discipline and behaviour including dealing with inappropriate behaviour according to school policy. Providing a safe, healthy environment, and following safeguarding procedures. Organising outings, after school clubs, social activities and sports events. Participating in training and development activities. Attending meetings and parent’s evenings. Communicating with senior leadership, parents and external bodies in relation to progress, behaviour, child protection and health.
Accepting and filtering student applications Assessing applications according to our eligibility criteria Organizing and filing of recruitment documentation Providing consultations with prospective students when requested Referring prospective students to specific program directors for additional information (when needed) Processing student registration and payment Communicate with applicants about their application status, including acceptance/rejection Responding to information requests Participating in (or delivering) info sessions if needed Other duties as assigned Dealing with parents regarding school inquiry Responsibilities Manage budgets, logistics and events or meetings Handle scheduling, record-keeping and reporting Ensure the school complies with relevant laws and regulations Develop and run educational programs Counsel students when needed Resolve conflicts and other issues Communicate with parents and the public Have a hand in the creation of the school curriculum Implement actions that improve the school and the quality of education (e.g. building renovations, new guidelines for students, new subjects) Help shape and uphold the vision of the school
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