Vision: To be the best automotive company driving Myanmar’s transition to electric vehicles. Mission: To accelerate Myanmar’s transition to renewable energy by bringing the best electric vehicles and building the most extensive charging network.

Employer Details

  • Type: Direct Employer
  • Industry: Automotive, Energy/Water/Oil & Gas/Waste, Food and Beverage/Catering, Real Estate/Pro...
  • No. Employees: 201 to 500


53/54, Pyay Rd., 9 Mile, Ward (5), Mayangone Township,ရန်ကုန်တိုင်း, Myanmar

Company vision and mission


To be the best automotive company driving Myanmar’s transition to electric vehicles.


To accelerate Myanmar’s transition to renewable energy by bringing the best electric vehicles and building the most extensive charging network.

ကၽြန္ေတာ္တို႔ ဘာေတြလုပ္သလဲ

Our company operates across diverse sectors, showcasing a robust portfolio that includes Automotive, Food and Beverages, Renewable Energy, Kids Educational initiatives, EV Charging Stations, Trading, Property Management, and Distribution.

In the Automotive sector, we're dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions, from manufacturing components to developing innovative vehicle technologies that redefine the driving experience.

Within Food and Beverages, we are passionate about providing high-quality and nutritious products that cater to evolving consumer preferences, ensuring satisfaction across diverse tastes and dietary needs.

Our commitment to Renewable Energy drives our initiatives in sustainable power generation and utilization. We're actively involved in developing and implementing renewable energy solutions to foster a greener future.

We are deeply invested in Kids Educational programs, aiming to revolutionize learning experiences through interactive and engaging educational tools and platforms.

In response to the growing demand for electric vehicles, our EV Charging Stations division focuses on establishing a widespread network to support the transition to clean energy transportation.

Our Trading arm engages in global commerce, facilitating transactions and fostering partnerships across international markets.

In Property Management, we take pride in managing properties with exceptional care, ensuring optimal value and tenant satisfaction through our expert management services.

Lastly, our Distribution division operates efficiently, ensuring the seamless flow of goods across various industries, optimizing supply chains, and meeting market demands effectively.

Our diverse range of operations signifies our commitment to multifaceted growth, innovation, and sustainability across various sectors, empowering us to make a meaningful impact in each industry we serve.

သင္ဘာလို႔ ကၽြန္ေတာ္တို႔နဲ႔ ပူးေပါင္းသင့္တာလဲ

Our company stands out as an established leader in our industry, paving the way for innovation and setting industry standards. What truly sets us apart is our commitment to fostering an international environment that thrives on diversity, collaboration, and continuous growth.

Joining us means becoming part of a dynamic team that values creativity, embraces diverse perspectives, and encourages personal and professional development. We provide an ecosystem that nurtures talent, empowers individuals to think globally, and offers opportunities to make a meaningful impact on a global scale.

At our company, we believe that diversity sparks innovation. Our international environment not only encourages cultural exchange but also cultivates an atmosphere where varied ideas flourish, driving our success and ensuring that we remain at the forefront of our industry.

Moreover, being part of our team means access to unparalleled learning and development initiatives, mentorship programs, and cutting-edge resources. We foster an inclusive culture that champions growth and celebrates individual contributions.

In essence, joining us isn't just about a job; it's about embarking on a transformative journey where every individual's skill and idea are valued, nurtured, and celebrated. We invite the best talent to join us in shaping the future, where opportunities for personal and professional fulfillment abound.

Our workplace and culture


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Engage with customers to understand their automotive needs and preferences Showcase and demonstrate vehicle features and benefits to potential buyers Conduct test drives and ensure an informative and enjoyable experience for customers Provide detailed information on pricing, financing options, and additional services Collaborate with the sales team to meet and exceed sales targets Maintain up-to-date knowledge of the automotive industry, including new models and technological advancements Cultivate strong relationships with customers to foster repeat business and referrals Uphold dealership standards and ensure a positive customer experience at all times
Design and implement effective recruitment strategies to attract qualified candidates. Utilize various sourcing methods including job boards, social media, networking, and employee referrals to identify potential candidates. Conduct initial screenings, interviews, and assessments to evaluate candidate qualifications and fit for the role. Ensure a positive candidate experience throughout the recruitment process. Work closely with hiring managers to understand their staffing needs and provide guidance on hiring best practices. Promote the company as an employer of choice through various channels and initiatives. Maintain accurate and organized candidate data in the applicant tracking file.