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  • Type: Direct Employer
  • Industry: Agriculture/Forestry/Fishing, Banking/ Insurance/ Microfinance, Energy/Water/Oil & Ga...
  • No. Employees: 501 to 1000


No. B(7), Tawwin Street, (9) Mile, Mayangone Township, Yangon, Myanmar,ရန်ကုန်တိုင်း, Myanmar

ကၽြန္ေတာ္တို႔ ဘာေတြလုပ္သလဲ

The Pristine Group and our business portfolio includes:
• Energy
• Electric Distribution
• Trading
• Investment
Telecom Tower Construction

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All Pristine Group Jobs
(1) Understand the policies & procedures related to the operation of the Corporate Office & Business Units and provide support to the HOD according to the Business Units; Follow up Reminder is responsible for carrying out actions. (2) Follow up progress status according to Annual Business Plans and Priority Time Frames of Projects; If necessary, giving advice; Liaising with Top Management. (3) Receive incoming mail sent from Corporate office/Business Units; Supervise actions to properly record and maintain outgoing letters (Soft Copy, Hard Copy) and reports sent to Top Management. (4) Filing System (Soft/Hard Copy) properly formatted; Must be able to provide guidelines to the Executive. (5) Must be able to take responsibility for necessary collaborations in Investment Proposals for New Projects of Business Development. (6) Delegation to subordinates according to the business case or according to the priority of the projects; If necessary, the Executive should be able to give guidelines and reorganize. (7) According to the business case, Coordinate Zoom Meetings with Top Management, Consultants, Business Partners as per priority or as needed; Verification of writing meeting minutes must be done. (8) Supervising the execution and timely execution of Special Tasks as Other Business Case according to the instructions of Top Management. Submitting a report Presentation preparations must be carried out. (9) According to the business case, the matters that should be kept secret should be done confidentially and the necessary supervision should be done. (10) They must be able to provide support as necessary to achieve good long-term relationships with their internal customers, external customers as well as business partner companies. (11) Make Weekly face to face discussion with team members and presenting suggestions; Processing feedback. (12) Providing On The Job Training (OJT) for the employees of his department; Team building, etc. must be done in consultation with the HR Department. (13) Tasks may change according to business conditions, so tasks that arise according to business needs must also be fulfilled.
1. Prepare the documentation process issues for tender entry. (Technical specification matters, Design & Drawing matters, Costing Estimate calculation matters must be completed within the specified time target). 2. Find a supplier to carry out the implementation of the successful tender. Cooperate in cases of finding a Service Provider. (Quotations, technical service background checking and discussion, drafting Terms & Conditions to sign a contract). 3. Check the completion of the work according to the Terms & Conditions signed with the Sub-Contractors and coordinating payment matters with the Finance Department. Follow up is done. 4. Prepare and process office management matters required for daily operation, project work requirements, review and present to the department manager and proceed with guidance. 5. Discuss for business-to-business issues, business partners and business partners have prepare for operational issues. 6. Support to the department in charge by compiling detailed data lists for Project-specific Operation Plan and Project Budget calculations and liaising with the Finance Department. 7. Report the daily operation of projects/sites; Requesting a report on the accomplishments; Supervise the progress and completion of the work according to the timeline and submit the work reports to the relevant government departments at the end of Summery. Continue to report under the guidance of the department in charge. 8. According to Project/Site, operation expenditure requests are verified against the set Project Budget and submitted to the department in charge; Liaising with the Finance Department. 9. Support material required for Project/Site activities and project administration has to provide support in the cases of project business expenses. 10. Support and cooperate in business projects carried out by the company. (Collaboration on QA/AC issues).
Must be able to comply with the regulations and guidelines of the Central Bank of Myanmar regarding money transfer activities, prepare documents and implement the money transfer license. Must be able to search and connect with organizations that provide services for domestic and foreign remittance business operations. Must be able to design and implement the Domestic and foreign remittance policies and procedures in accordance with Central Bank regulations. Report daily, weekly and monthly reports according to the rules and procedures of domestic and foreign remittance transactions from the Central Bank of Myanmar. Supervise the daily money transfer business and monitor the money transfer process that deviates from the normal money transfer process and if any dangerous activities are found, report to the central bank in an accurate and timely manner in accordance with the regulations and requirements. Must be able to build a good relationship between our organization and the Central Bank of Myanmar in matters of business necessary for operations. Must be able to attend trainings provided by the Central Bank of Myanmar for domestic and foreign remittance operations, organize and attend meetings for those who need to be trained in the organization, and be able to interact actively with representatives of the central bank. Must be able to coordinate with the HR Department to define responsibilities and hire skilled employees to implement the remittance business plan for domestic and foreign remittances. Manage the JDs of individual employees in the department and implement the departmental tasks and duties as well in order to fulfill the responsibilities and complete the work in an orderly manner. Evaluate the performance of each employee in the department and manage as needed. Provide the on job training (OJT) for the employees in the department; Team building, etc. and consultation with the HR Department. Must be able to go on domestic / foreign business trips. Fulfill the tasks that will arise according to business, tasks may change according to business conditions. Perform above-mentioned work responsibilities are subject to the business conditions of the Business / Project. However, due to changes in work duties, the HR Department will review and prepare and implement it.
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