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Providing technical direction and engineering leadership for a team of engineers Contributing to the design and development of new products and features Maintaining product quality The tasks an LED Light Design Engineer is expected to perform include: Conceptualising and designing LED product Designing and developing LED driver and light engine system Creating final LED product prototype for production Estimating efficiencies of optical, thermal and electrical systems
Detail create and Manage accounts payable and receivable. Create chart of Account and Maintaining of all accounting ledger. Checking Bank Transaction & Cash Transaction Preparation of month end closing Cash Book ledger. Calculate product cost. Preparation record of assets, liabilities and other fanancial transactions. Entry of journal entries (General Ledger Transaction) Preparation of Trial Balance. Preparation of Budget Report. Preparation of Audit Schedule. Preparation of Tax Process. Perform other related duties and necessary of the finance department.
Create visual design for indoor and outdoor advertisement, motion graphic, Logo, etc which are followed by the brand guideline and brand book. Resize visual designs in accordance with campaign advertising delivery plan in time. Explore ideas of campaign naming, tagline, advertising materials for upcoming campaigns which are associated with campaign's goals. Contribute creative idea to develop storyboard and content creation. Support creative idea while developing creative strategy. Ensure all the advertising materials for various communication channels need to be followed campaign’s objective and goal. Must have experience to work stressful environment. Must have positive attitude and flexible to change. Well-manage time and make the tasks in time. Must have strong team work and take key role in the team.
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