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All Thiri Cosmetic Company Limited (Mistine) Jobs
Coordinate delivery Schedules, routes, and logistics to ensure timely and efficient delivery of goods. Supervise and manage delivery team members. Track delivery metrics and customer satisfaction. Collaborate with other departments and communication throughout the delivery process. Perform the ordering process for picking & packing the items. Perform other duties as assigned by superiors.
Supervise a team of logistics, providing guidances and support to ensure smooth and efficient logistics operation. Ensure proper handling and storage of all products to prevent damage or loss. Coordinate and oversee the warehouse, receive, storage, and distribution of goods. Planning and managing logistic, the process orders for picking, packing and labeling the items. Manage the successful delivering projects on time & of the right quality and responsible for driving performance in key metrics. Prepare relevent reports for management. Perform other duties as assigned by management.
Thiri Cosmetic Company Limited (Mistine) Awards