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"Mingalabar !"

We are the number ONE online jobs website in Myanmar, where you will find the best Companies, Opportunities, Salaries...

JobNet.com.mm has been operating successfully since 2012, and our mission is to support you and the Employer's classifed job ad requirements.

For all enquiries, please contact us on : support@JobNet.com.mm .

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About JobNet.com.mm, Myanmar's Leading Online Job Search Site
Welcome to JobNet Myanmar. Your ultimate Online Job Search site with Real opportunities from Real Companies. As you get to know us better, you will see that nothing gets us more excited than to ensure that job seekers and employers like yourself find true satisfaction in what you do, as we transform the mundane day to day jobs into life enriching careers.

Our Vision :

To be the fastest growing and undisputable leader In Myanmar’s Employment and Job Market.

Our Mission :

To Job Seekers

We exist to ensure first, that you, our active job seekers, have endless access to jobs that are real and from High Quality Employers, anytime, anywhere.

To Employers

JobNet partners with you in devising and delivering an active pipeline of talent that is accessible, has the right fit and the ability to grow with your business needs today and tomorrow.

Our Core Values:

At JobNet every member of our team is committed to live our Core Values. They are:
  • Sense of Empowerment
  • Authentic in Thoughts, Words and Actions
  • Supportive to JobSeekers, Customers and one another
These Core Values guide our day to day interaction with people who are important to us and we would like each and every one of them to know that we are consistent in the way we behave. As such, our behavior as we like you to experience it can be defined as :
  • Infectiously Energetic – as we passionately deliver real results to you;
  • Contagiuosly Creative – In our solutions and ways we offer you transformational ideas that work;
  • Focused – in doing what we do best. Giving you Real Opportunities with Real Companies
Follow us on our amazing journey, and don’t forget to create an account with us, as from time to time we may offer our valued and loyal subscribers FREE Tickets to our events, seminars and award nights.
For more information, do drop us a note and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
If you are a job seeker : info@jobnet.com.mm
If you are a company: sales@jobnet.com.mm
Thank you,
the JobNet.com.mm team

We are Myanmar's leading Jobs and Career website. We help employers and recruiters find the right candidates and we help job seekers work and achieve their dream job and career to work anywhere, for ever in Myanmar, including Yangon, Mandalay, Naypyitaw and other cities and townships. JobNet.com.mm have thousands of job vacancies available to you within one click in our online jobs database.

You can find employment for your dream job through our top job and work opportunity listings from top employers and vacant jobs such as Management, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, IT, Computer Software, HR, Finance ad Accounting, Admin, Building and Construction, Education, Hotel, Manufacturing, Trade, Translator, Travel and Tourism, NGO,Telecommunications and many others. Register today as an Employer or as a JobSeeker to start working towards your career and achieve your dream job and salary.

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