Cho Cho Co., Ltd. This Profile has been Verified as real by the Company.

This Profile has been Verified as real by the Company.
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  • Type: Direct Employer
  • Industry: Agriculture/Forestry/Fishing, FMCG, IT/Computer, Manufacturing, Trading/Distribution/...
  • No. Employees: More than 20000


Building (3), Room (7), First Floor, Myanmar ICT Park,,Yangon, Myanmar

What we do

* Cho Cho Co., Ltd. The Holding Company of Group that dates its roots back to 1989.

* Yathar Cho Industry Ltd. “To Become a Globally Competitive Company in the Food Processing Business” started operations in 1997.

The market leader in the instant noodle category as well as one of the largest food manufacturers in Myanmar.

The fastest growing instant noodle company in terms of market share and sale. ISO 9001-2015, HACCP, GMP Compliant Company.

The only instant noodle wheat noodle company in Myanmar that has successfully exported its products to overseas markets.

* One of the top 100 tax payers in the country Cho Cho Industry Ltd. “To Produce Safe, Nutritious and Innovative Foods for the World” started operations in 2001.

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The General Manager will be responsible for developing, implementing, and managing the company's social media marketing strategy in order to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to the company's website and social media channels, and ultimately increase sales. Develop and implement a comprehensive social media marketing plan that aligns with the company's overall marketing strategy and business goals. Create and curate engaging content for the company's social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and others as required. Manage and grow the company's social media accounts by increasing followers, engagement, and social media influence. Collaborate with the content team to develop compelling social media campaigns and promotions that drive traffic to the company's website and social media channels. Monitor and analyze social media trends, and adjust the social media marketing plan as needed. Work with the third party, agency to manage and respond to social media inquiries and comments in a timely and professional manner. Identify and engage with social media influencers and brand ambassadors who can help promote the company's products and services. Stay up-to-date with the latest social media trends, platforms, and best practices, and make recommendations to improve the company's social media marketing efforts. Must be able to analyze and manage as needed prices within the daily market, the state of our products, and the circumstances of our competitors. To design Digital Marketing and Social Media Plans and implement them effectively as planned. Responsible for Digital Marketing Strategy, contact management and email campaign strategy. To present analysis in order to produce new products in the market. Manage Marketing, Social Media Content, Website messaging and strategy, A&P implementation on schedule. Above the line Activities are effectively responsible and managed as needed. Monthly Market Share, and other relevant statistics must be accurately analyzed. Yearly, the Marketing Budget must be managed and used effectively. The Packing Design, Advertising, and Promotion Design sections and content sections of our products must be negotiated and allowed to be marketable. To implement MIS Data collection plans. To implement Survey Plan, Sampling & Merchandising plan. To develop and implement effective plans for the Promotion Plan and Below the line. Reporting must be performed. Marketing Campaigns are planned and implemented and provide weekly, monthly as effective reports. Collaborate with operation team to gather customer feedback and optimize marketing messaging. Measuring and reporting results to enable the Company to make evidence-based decisions and adjustments. Provide on-going coaching and mentoring to employees.
Plan, carry out and reports on compliance audit to verify that all Inventory, financial transaction, cash transaction and administrative are done in conform the policy of the group of companies. Inventory Management Audit- verify to ensure that inventory has been managed well by branch that included, physical stock balance keep in warehouse, stock in/out record, purchase order and delivery received, each transaction has signature and approved by respective manager. Cash management Audit: verify to ensure that cash has been managed well by branch that included, cash balance keep in safe, in bank, each transaction has signature and approved by manager. Accounting Audit: All expenses and income must comply with the principle finance policy and approved by the manager attached with the invoice and receipt. General ledger is match with the cash books. Policy and Procedures Compliance Audit: To ensure that Distribution 's assets have been used properly in comply to companies' policy. All are kept in a safe place and there is inventory list has been monitor adequacy. Supervising audits and reviewing the work performed to ensure the adequacy of audit scope, the adequacy of testing performed, and the accuracy of conclusions reached. Direct involve and participate in actual fieldworks at branch audit from time to time to insure quality of work are procedures. Reviewing/editing individual branch audit reports and provide recommendations for ultimately improvement actions. Presenting and communicate audit finding at the audit and drafting related manager responses in the audit report. Performing other related work as assigned such as strong to be audit manufacturing factory. Responsible for all internal audit operations of group of companies, including developing an audit plan and work plan to achieve the goal of each period.
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