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Job Description o Verify the accuracy of survey data, including measurements and calculations conducted at survey sites. o Direct or conduct surveys in order to establish legal boundaries for properties, based on legal deeds and titles. o Record the results of surveys, including the shape, contour, location, elevation, and dimensions of land or land features. o Train assistants and helpers, and direct their work in such activities as performing surveys or drafting maps. o Prepare or supervise preparation of all data, charts, plots, maps, records, and documents related to the project o Coordinate findings with the work of engineering and construction term, clients, and others concerned with projects. o Direct or conduct surveys necessary to develop As-build drawings. o Liaise with the site staff and technical team and conduct site surveys and joint surveys with related parties e.g.) subcontractors /supervising consultants or client representatives. And report to Survey Manager o Liaise with the site staff and design team and regularly conduct site visits and update survey data. o Ensure all survey equipment is calibrated with records and/or certificates and consistently update o Control and supervise activities of Surveyors and other subordinate staffs. o Other works given by immediate supervisor
Perform upon project instructions to establish or examine work rates to reduce corporation risk and to confirm profitability management. To provide professional assistance in commercial/contractual matters, any quantity surveying duties and Bill of Quantity matters to the project team To assist QS manager to oversee the administration of subcontractor payments, instructions, contract notifications and variations in order to limit financial exposure and ensure performance of subcontractor ‘s obligations. Join in client meetings to negotiate with clients regarding to claim settlement or the necessary changes of the contracts. Maintain contract documentation and advise on post contract matters Perform required quantity surveying and cost analysis based on the architectural drawings, engineering estimates, and labor involved and assist in preparation. Provide Quantity Survey department leaders in confirming profitability management of projects by supporting with examination on cost usage of the project. QS Engineers also act as member of vendor selection committee, providing work rates and norms to Procurement Dept and Project Managers to reduce risk on company and manage effectiveness of Projects. Examine project men-hour usage and implement necessary changes in distributing of employees or organization of project if men-hour are over-budget.
Supervise construction projects to make sure they meet technical specifications Ensure that construction projects are completed within planned cost and time Keep accurate records of material and labor costs incurred in the construction process. Monitor the progress of the construction work and performance of subcontractors at the site Hold meetings with site workers and subcontractors on behalf of the project manager. Educate site workers on safety procedures to be adopted at the site and make sure that they adhere strictly to safety standards Ensure that the construction site is safe and free from any hazardous chemical or objects Report accidents that occur at the construction site to the immediate manager Administer or make sure that first aid is administered to any injured construction worker Ensure the smooth day to day operation of work activities at the construction site Maintain good relationship with site workers, contractors, and suppliers Ensure that any change in project plan is executed by contractors Motivate all the participants in the project Ensure that the project is executed in compliance with local or state regulations. Identify any potential problem at the site and work to prevent it.
- Civil laboratory testing on the materials/supplies/services by sub-contractors to meet the specified client's requirement as per the contract. - Testing for compliance with the contract requirements. -Conduct regular QC laboratory testing to avoid backlog, and submit the report regularly to the QA/QC department - Regularly coordinate to QC Engineer regarding various testing requirements and parameters. Area of Responsibilities - To liaise with client's representative on site to ensure all testing requirement is fulfilled and complete, work quality is achieved in order to meet client's requirement as per the contract - To ensure all QC testing is completed and compiled for submission to the client with regards to completed work quality in order to meet clients' requirement as per contract - To liaise with the construction team to ensure the quality by conducting the required Quality control.
The Design Engineer performs Site Designs and drawings, structural design analysis of new or existing Site structures written reports regarding foundations, superstructure (equipment slabs/platforms) capacity and any recommendations for modifications required. Review site working designs and drawings submitted from subcontractors/Staff Review Soil test reports for green fields and Structural analysis Reports in relation to the required planned for construction Review TSSR reports in relation to the review of site designs and drawings Review as-built designs and shop Drawing submitted from the sub contractor Design generics for site drawings, retaining walls, etc Manage design documentation and any department required documents Support the other departments on technical/design and drawings related works Reviews tower structures and foundations for existing, proposed and reserved future tenant configurations. Analyzes structural designs using hand-calculations, Structural analysis software and other accepted engineering methods. Designs reinforcing and extension solutions. Coordinate timelines and milestones for design and drawings review and evaluation with internal teams and contractors/vendors Ensures accurate design status reporting through available information tools and systems in order to provide accurate Project delivery schedule. Prepare shop Drawing to obtain Approval Control and supervise Site Activity
1. To assist Admin Manager by providing admin support to ensure proper maintenance of office to maintain the effective operational state of the project. 2. Coordinate with department colleagues and provide or format the admin guideline to streamline the process more and more. 3. Provide administrative support including letter correspondence, data entry, recording, filing duties and editing documents, processing translations. 4. Supervise the employee database updating, payroll and salary calculation. 5. Manage any HR queries generated from project staff with the support of HR in HO. 6. Create the management announcement and prepare or establish the rule and procedures for the office by HR software. 7. Ensure all reports and urgent requirements are done in timely manner. 8. Monitor inventory of office equipment and supplies, and purchasing of new equipment and supplies. 9. Responsible for fixed asset control and maintenance 10. Manage the travel arrangements: air ticket, hotel accommodation, visa arrangements, claims, etc. 11. Dealing with government office (SSB, Tax and Immigration office) 12. Monitoring and managing the health and life insurance of local staff and expats. 13. Be able to multi-task and perform other admin & HR related and ad hoc tasks assigned by Management.
- Capital plan which would include planning for infra-structure upgrades, equipment replacements and maintained. - Responsible for ensuring that major projects performed properly planned, executed and closed out in accordance with standard industry practices. -Coordinate and liaise with section managers to update the detailed works program. - Liaise with QS Manager, Procurement Executive and site team to plan timely delivery of material. Coordinate and liaise with subcontractors and authorities in relation to planning and programming matters for the various interfaces that exist on the project. -Liaise with Construction Manager and site team to ensure interface issues are identified and dealt withMaintain consultants and vendors drawing progress with Document Controller. -Monitor and report design review progress of client. -Assist in the production of monthly progress report for both internal purposes and client. -Prepare program and other detailed information necessary for substantiating claims and provision with regards to planning and programming to the QS / commercial department.
Key Accountabilities List all Areas of responsibilities, with results intended to be achieved, key performance indicators and approximate percentage of time spent. To Manage Construction Material: receive, check, and store material correctly and securely. • Check/inspect delivered material, collect and verify all the documents and certification covering the arrival of materials. • Report any supply non-conformities and follow-up the relevant resolution. • Ensure proper storage of material according to manufacturer’s instruction and/or MSDS To manage information relevant to arrival of materials at site and their availability at the stockyard. • Record and ensure traceability of material certificates. • Update Inventory/Delivery/Stock record on a regular basis To arrange timely transportation of material according to the instructions of the Yard manager and/or Site Manager • Arrange stockyard logistics according to the instructions of the Yard Manager/Project manager • Liaise with on-site engineers and Traffic Logistic Coordinator to ensure timely delivery of material.
■Job Description 1. To manage workers and oversee the works to ensure the Site Safety, Environmental, Quality and Programme objectives are satisfied. 2. To manage teams to ensure that the works are delivered following the Project objectives. 3. To report production and to provide development support to ensure the project and company objectives are being achieved. 4. Quality Control, Safety Control, Schedule Control, ( Other task which is instructed by direct supervisor ) Other - You can learn new thing and set up/build up your career - Our project has a lot of experienced construction people who are will transfer his/her knowledge to you.
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