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Our Mission To execute innovative, sustainable, safe and responsible business activities/ interventions/projects in high priority sectors of Myanmar’s economy. To build a skilled and committed workforce to serve the interests of KMA, its business partners, and the market in general. To offer high-quality services to clients, customers, promoters, and the state.
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About KMA Group of companies

Employer Details

  • Type: Direct Employer
  • Industry: Construction/Building/Architecture, Hospitality/Hotels, IT/Computer, Real Estate/Prop...
  • No. Employees: 1001 to 5000


5th floor, New Avenue University and corner of Sayar San street, Sayar San Plaza, Bahan Township.,Yangon, Myanmar

Company vision and mission

Our Mission

To execute innovative, sustainable, safe and responsible business activities/ interventions/projects in high priority sectors of Myanmar’s economy.

To build a skilled and committed workforce to serve the interests of KMA, its business partners, and the market in general.

To offer high-quality services to clients, customers, promoters, and the state.

What we do

Kaung Myanmar Aung (KMA) is a group of companies registered under The Myanmar Companies Act. One of Myanmar’s most renowned and respected organizations, the foundations of the group were laid almost 25 years ago.
KMA Group has a broad and diversified portfolio of interests and our associated companies operate across almost all sectors of Myanmar’s economy.
The most familiar Associated Public Companies of KMA Group are CB Bank, Golden Myanmar Airlines, Myanmar Microfinance Bank, CB Insurance, Myanmar Telecom Network, Parami General Hospital, and the Kaytumadi Association. These companies are some of the most well-established and visible organizations in the country, offering high-quality, pioneering services to thousands of clients and customers each day.
In addition, Corporate Entities of KMA Group also includes the KMA Hotels Group, KMA Travel and Tourism, KMA Agriculture and Forestry, KMA Real Estate Development, KMA Shipping, KMA Construction, and KMA Trading.

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All KMA Group of companies Jobs
The Assistant Civil Engineer can work for the Road & Bridges also Building construction as assigned Supervise works as requested to conform with construction quality & progress Provide technical support during construction and site showround Check site drawings to ensure accuracy and completeness Coordinates with sub-contractors, suppliers and consultants Prepare reports and document project activities for management reporting Participates in site works, inspection and planning with conducting proper risk assessment to ensure risks are minimized Survey the completed work volume performed by sub-contractors Perform site activities planning to ensure adherence to project timeline Perform and report other assignments as requested by Superior
(Duty Station : Bago) Achieving personal targets for sales, revenue, and profitability Gather intelligence on the market and economic trend, customer demands and competitors in the real estate market Conduct market research (competitor market share, price benchmark, etc) surveys for each of the Enterprises Presenting and selling product with great product knowledge Meet with individual, business and government customers for direct sales to key accounts Record and response to customer feedbacks Record and evaluate customer rating for quality (positive, negative feedbacks) Manage direct communication programs (i.e. brochures, email) Prepares daily reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing information
Participating and monitoring of multi-projects to help team meet organizational goals. Assist in developing long term strategies to evaluate the performance of project teams, keep team organized and allocated budgets and resources across projects. Managing project document supervisor, the day-to-day operations and delivering projects documentations. Developing project presentations, proposals and documents for the management. Developing, reviewing, and improving documentation systems, policies, and departmental procedures. Create relationships with external vendor teams for project requirement and purchasing. Ensuring the office is stocked with necessary supplies and that all equipment is working and properly maintained. Controlling access to documents. Sharing technical knowledge articles, letters, information and training documents to the organization. Work with the accounting department and management teams to set budgets, monitor spending, and process all expenses. Planning, scheduling, and promoting office events, including meetings, conferences, interviews, orientations, and training sessions. Create good relationships within the divisions, departments and organization to achieve project goals. Collect, organize, and store information using computers and filing systems. Overseeing assigned tasks and tracking progress towards company goals. Build and expand on skills by engaging in educational opportunities. Coordinate office activities and operations to secure efficiency and compliance to company policies. Supervise staff and divide responsibilities to ensure performance. Manage agendas/travel arrangements/appointments etc. for the management. Create and update system records and databases with personnel, financial and other data.
Need to create 3D models based on Architect’s sketch or floorplan. Should be able to quickly deliver basic 3D massing to present basic concept. Need to be deliver Architect’s concept accurately with photo-realistic renderings. Need to create attractive 3D and graphic presentations for client.
Understand the business objectives of KEY and implement effective sales strategies to achieve the company's goals and revenue. Analyze market trends, competitor activities, changes in the regulatory environment and customer needs to identify opportunities for business development. Monitor the performance of individual realtors and the team as a whole and analyze sales data, track progress towards goals, and provide feedback to realtors to improve their performance. Conduct workshops, provide one-on-one coaching, and ensure that realtors are up-to-date on real estate industry trends and best practices. Build and maintain strong relationships with clients and involve in handling key client accounts, address customer concerns, and ensure providing high levels of customer satisfaction. Work with marketing teams to develop and execute effective marketing and advertising strategies and involve creating promotional materials, organizing events, and utilizing digital marketing channels. Plan in budgeting and develop financial planning for the sales department that includes allocating resources efficiently and ensuring that the team operates within budget constraints. Involved in negotiating deals, particularly for high-value transactions Negotiation skills are essential in real estate to secure favorable terms for both the client and the company. Ensure that all real estate transactions comply with relevant laws and regulations and stay updated on legal requirements and industry standards to ensure compliance. Provide regular reports to higher management on sales performance, market trends, and other relevant metrics and contribute to strategic planning discussions based on data-driven insights.
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