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This Profile has been Verified as real by the Company.
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  • Type: Direct Employer
  • Industry: Consulting/Professional Services, Education/Training, Government/Embassy/Armed Forces...
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G10-12, Building A/B, Ground Floor Pearl Condo, Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, Bahan,Yangon, Myanmar

What we do

In recent times, Technology is far more important than ever for every area. Everything around us is either developed by or supported by Tech. We are living in the Technology era, yet there are very few people who know how to code! The challenge and problem of having not enough Tech experts and developers are growing every year despite Technology is growing faster than ever in every industry. People cannot keep up with the pace of Technology. In the US alone, there are 500,000 vacancies for programmers and the numbers and salaries are growing at least 1.5x or 2x every year. In addition, kids-now-a-days are so addicted to mobile phones, tablets and laptops in a negative way. Instead of playing games and watching videos all the time, we like the kids to create or code something when they use screens. This is our vision of changing “Negative screen time” to “Positive screen time” for kids. Little CodeLab was started in Oct, 2018 and it is the after-school and weekend Tech and STEAM learning environment for kids. We teach computer science, programming concepts and STEAM subjects to kids 5 to 14 years. We like the children to know technology is not scary and boring, instead it can be fun and beneficial to them. We specialize in Coding and Computer Science, but we also offer other STEAM classes such as Science projects, Robotics engineering, Game design, Creative Arts, Electrical Engineering, Physical Computing, building own Websites, developing Mobile Apps, 3D printing and Maker workshops which are all 21 st century skills.

To deliver exceptional computer science and STEAM education in order to leave a lasting legacy for future generations

Shaping Young Innovators

Awards and Recognition
10++ International Awards and Recognition

Our Core Value
2.Team Work
3.Mutual Respect and Attention
4.Continuous Innovation
5.Motivation and Reward

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All Little CodeLab Jobs
Guide students with their overseas education options after understanding their profile and desired course. Assist students on deciding on the universities/colleges and programs to opt for. Provide insights on career outcomes based on their preferred options. Strategize and participate in business development and marketing activities. Participate in educational activities Attend Product training occasionally
efficiently processing employee data, keeping company policies up-to-date, hiring process. organizational skills and familiarity with HR functions will contribute to the smooth running of all HR operations. maintaining accurate employee records, ensuring compliance with HR policies, and promoting effective communication within the organization. handle confidential information with discretion will be essential in this role. make a significant impact on our HR processes and overall organizational efficiency. Develop training and onboarding material Deal with government ministries Performs clerical tasks to help an office run smoothly
Contributing to the development of marketing strategies in both online and offline marketing channels, core calling as well as sales outreach. Conducting market research on competitor data. Designing and implementing marketing plans by arranging sale channels Develop and maintain a strong presence on social media platforms. Develop Content and monitor online interactions to enhance the institution's online reputation. Working with the sales team to develop targeted sales strategies. Answering student queries about service specifications and uses. Maintaining parent-student relations. Tracking sales data to ensure the company meets sales quotas. Creating and presenting sales performance reports.
• Create and Study lesson plans and curriculum before the class in order to teach effectively. • Prepare adequate teaching aids and equipment before the class in order to teach effectively. • Prepare adequate classroom tools and resource before the class in order to manage classroom behavior effectively. • Execute routine classroom protocols, including taking attendance and setting up student seats. • Apply effective and positive techniques to get students’ attention before the start of class or when attention in needed to demonstrate course content effectively. • Apply different types of learning methods according to the lesson plan and curriculum to ensure effective learning variety. • Apply student assessment to receive accurate information about the student’s learning progress. • Complete classroom reports and parent communications report to effective document and communicate student learning progress and classroom incidents. • Complete required teacher training and instructional hours to improve educator effectiveness and gain more classroom experience.
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