Myanmar Glitter Group Co., Ltd

About Myanmar Glitter Group Co., Ltd

Employer Details

  • Type: Direct Employer
  • Industry: Consulting/Professional Services
  • No. Employees: 21 to 50


No 277, Yangon-Insein Road, West Gyogone, Infront of Technology University, Insein,Yangon, Myanmar

What we do

Myanmar Glitter Group Co., Ltd was formed to meet the requirements of the growing demand for a professional firm to cater for the business services sector in Myanmar. Since the inception of MGG we have a reputation for delivering no matter how great the challenge. Our team is made up of local and international experts who strive for nothing less than to be the best. We are known for innovative excellence and this separates us from our competitors through our collaborative approach. Our clients are an integral part of our team, so we work hand in hand delivering your vision and exceeding your expectations. Whether it’s a local, regional, national or global assignment, MGG applies insight, experience, intelligence and resources to help clients make informed business decisions.
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