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Our Vision Our Road-map starts with our mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions. To provide our best… To inspire moments of optimism and happiness… To create value and make a difference. Our Mission Our vision serves as the framework for our Road-map and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.
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  • Type: Direct Employer
  • Industry: Agriculture/Forestry/Fishing, Engineering/Machinery, FMCG, Food and Beverage/Catering...
  • No. Employees: 201 to 500


No. 216, Anawrahta Road, Pabedan Township,Yangon, Myanmar

Company vision and mission

Our Vision
Our Road-map starts with our mission, which is enduring.

It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

To provide our best…
To inspire moments of optimism and happiness…
To create value and make a difference.

Our Mission
Our vision serves as the framework for our Road-map and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.

What we do

The Nilar Group Of Company is a well known diversified group in Myanmar. The Group's activities span from exploration and production of pulp and paper to food and beverage to international trading to agriculture to Sawn Timber to Plywwod. Major Group Companies are Myanmar Nilar Foodstuff Company, Nilar Pulp And Paper Company, CO2 Solution and United Nilar Agribusiness.

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All Nilar Holdings Company Limited Jobs
Inspection and checking on all aspects of materials concerns micro laboratory equipment daily Understanding of microbiological testing and limited chemistry testing Must be strictly confidential for all microbiological analysis results. Must be strictly following laboratory safety measures like PPE's, dress codes and others Checking and supervising the operations of the Microbiology lab to ensure the lab is running efficiently producing accurate results in a timely manner Ensuring quality of food products through microbiological analysis of raw materials, packaging materials & finished products etc; Hands on experience on sampling preparation for TPC, E. coli, Yeast and Molds, Coliform test, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus etc. Checking and making new microbial analysis as per company customer requirments Defining the SOP's for all microbiology analysis the USFDA and latest updating Testing watet quality daily by sample procedure and also checking product shelf life for every six months The clear knowledge on what analysis to be internal and external for the heavy metals and agro chemical residue external laboratory Ensuring eqipment hygine condition & air quality through swab analysis, air microbiology for chill rooms, process areas & cold storages etc. on define frequency Reporting daily/weekly/monthly to related HOD or CEO Performing and reporting other duties assigned by the related HOD or management if required
Nilar Ply Co., Ltd (ဒဂုံဆိပ်ကမ်းတွင်တာဝန်ထမ်းဆောင်ရန်) You shall not see membership of any local or public bodies without first obtaining written permission from the management Determining , negotiating and agreeing on in-house quality procedures, standards and specifications Collect the operational and technical information from all above mentioned section Commissioning and installing 5 tons Kettle (Making Resin, melamine, phenolic and other resin) Making Export quality, Ply wood (Rubber and Gurjan and other species), PF Marine, Laminated Ply, Flush Door, Shuttering Ply and Film face ply and any other kind of ply. Supervise and overall Manage Plywood/ Resin/Veneer/ Swan Sizes/Parquet etc) and existing factory production. Co-coordinating , Planning , negotiating with consultant/ Supplier/ Contractors Collect information about the maintenance breakdowns related to mechanical, electrical and atuomation In case of any breakdown related to ply Mill Operation, advise and suggest the procedures to set right the process Process improvement projects Cost reduction by optimization of process , resin and utilities Data Analysis of issues/ Problems arising in the plant Focus on process and quality improvement activities Support and lead improvement efforts through process and product trials, provide advice and service to improve process efficiencies, product quality and cost Devise new approaches for determining solutions to improve problems encountered Directs the evalutation of Ply/Veneer mill trials and related processes, equipment , instruments, raw materials and other special studies as required Preparation of quartely Production, Consumption & Cost review presentation Oversee the day-to-day operations of the Ply wood ensuring that the mill meets company and customer goals and targets for safety, quality, production, on-time delivery and cost
Nilar Ply Company Limited (Dagon Seikkan) တွင်တာဝန်ထမ်းဆောင်ရန် Check all situations of machines in processing line and factory everyday Instruct to mechanical, electrical, utility technician to maintain machinery and factory Prepare M & E checklist and guidance to the technicians Check Generator Report Check the daily M & E report and sumit to CEO Office Maintain machines to run production smoothy Manage and evaluation machine resources to ensure productivity and minimum downtime Provide motivation, training for each process of maintenance, support and guidance to all technicians Prevent measure for all machine and equipment
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နေပြည်တော် ၊ ဒဏ္ခိသီရီမြို့နယ်တွင်တာဝန်ထမ်းဆောင်ရန် Making , reporting and implementing the HR Plains and policies Managing day to HMR and HRD Processes Training, presenting and sharing the HR Policies, labor law and general knowledge Checking the salary calculatuon, SSB, income tax, labor wages Managing employee database, EC, temporary labor database and other data record and reporting lists Building the strong relationship with government sectors Managing the recruitment, appointment process after the selection of HOD Directing and monitoring the performance apprasial Negotiating of employee resignation & terminations Arranging the staff welfare and CSR process Maing the organization charts and manpower plans and reporting to CEO and management
Manage and assist in the completion of the day-to-day activities, involving the maintenance of the building / facilities and equipment Coordinates activities of process, manufacturing, test, and quality engineering staff Acts as a technical advisor to staff regarding tasks, projects and operations Participates in writing new business proposals Enforces adherence to company, manufacturing, and engineering policies, processes and procedures. Manage the team of engineers to execute capital projects in support manufacturing facility Establishing and delivering administrative policies and procedures Creating and reviewing reasonable budgets and project goals Managing a team and assigning tasks to specific members Overseeing market and technical research with lead engineers, technicians and data Approach to the Design of political and Laws by government. Daily / Weekly / Monthly report to CEO. Other jobs assigned by the CEO.
Nilar Frozen Food Company Limited (Naypyitaw) တွင်တာဝန်ထမ်းဆောင်ရန် Maintaining accurate and up to date records of all accounting & transactions of company Recording , classifying and summarizing accounting & financial transactions and events in accordance with accepted local accounting principles and financial reporting standards. Using accounting software applications, format data for accounting and reporting purposes Bringing to the attention of the management any abnormality in the disbursement of the funds. Advising and assisting the management in the compliation and control of company's budget Giving per item manufacturing cost to the managment time to time and whenever changed Review and analyses the production norm, standard varience with actual and report to management Checking the reviewing the budget and report budget, actual and variance report with analysis Giving suggestion for cost maintaining as per business requirement Checking Stock report, process report & farmer payment report Advising on the improvement of financial management system, internal control system, the use of financial management and budgeting Cooperation with external auditiors to carry out annual audit report Responsible for all Tax Matter and Legal matter in Accounting and responsible for audit in time Export & Import Accounting matter handling and preparing Give time-to-time suggestion regarding accounts and finance matters to the management Calculated & set up selling price list Responsible for monthly financial statement Checking and confirming , approving the senior accountants and accountant's reports
Nilar Ply Company Limited (ဒဂုံမြို့သစ်ဆိပ်ကမ်း) တွင်တာဝန်ထမ်းဆောင်ရန် Review daily production quality control record. (Debarking---Finishing) Assuring the Quality of Incoming Raw Materials, Online production and finished Goods basis specifications provided by the company or customer Defects identification in the actual products produced (Debarking---Finishing) Taking Responsibility of Product quality control process Checking and implementation of the employees are following all product quality in worker safety practices Managing the (Size , Length, width, girth, thickness, etc...) to be maintained between standard Reporting to the related department immediately when there is any errors concern with QC operational accidents matters Managing to save needed documents concern with QC operations for the requirement of internal auditing Evaluate raw materials and finished products in response to failures or complaints and suggest improvement to the Managment. Keep and analyze quality data monthly. Collect samples, organize and conduct products, Decide accept or reject products necessary. If not in line with the standard, report to management Develop and implement the quality department's strategy to ensure it meets the business requirments and customer deliverable as well as ensuring the departmental goals Managing the human and material resources to meet production targets Making decisions about equipment usage, maintenance, modification and procurement Reporting daily/weekly/monthly to the related HOD or CEO Overseeing QA/QC side the eqipment, staff and processes on the production floor for the operation to run smoothly Prepare Monthly Budget Plan and summit to Management
Nilar Ply Co., Ltd သစ်ပါးလွှာထုတ်လုပ်မှုစက်ရုံ (Dagon Seikkan) Manage and leading all department responsibility for the procurement Internal Team review meeting and job assign to each team member Weekly Attend HOD Meeting and arrange daily, weekly, monthly reporting to Management Create form and format system , SOP, Policies and procedure develop a system bases Responsible planning local purchase , import and export on time Check stock report to make purchasing plan right qualities and quantities Communicate and negotiation with Government relation for license process. (Like.. MIC, MOC) Responsible for the procurement function , including inbound shipment and guide and provide procurement (Oversea and local supplier sourcing) related strategic and operational support and guidance to the organization. Manage fulfill the compliance requirement while making vendor selection, tendering and contract process Responsible various saving opportunities by sourcing of the suppliers, network optimization, comparing and negotiations Manage multiple vendors and sourcing form the most reliable and price efficient vendors Research and compare potential vendors for all business requirements, evaluate offers from supplier Arrange develop and maintain necessary procurement (Oversea and local supplier sourcing) tracking databases including procurement contract Lead ,coach, mentor and train the procurement team for smooth and efficient operation of the sourcing and purchasing function Have to follow assign by management instruction Company will update when necessary , have renewal and a revisable authorizes Have to follow assign be management Company will update when necessary, have renewal and revisable authorizes
Managing for the development and implementation of inspection activities concern with QA & QC process Responsible for the development and implementation of inspection activities, So that defects don't arise when the products are being processed/ developed Managing for assuring the quality of incoming raw materials and packing materials (PMPM), Online production and finished goods basis specifications provided by the company or customer Defects identification in the actual produced. (For instance: Product cleaning process, chlorine ppm level checking, Enzyme test Maintaining & Recording proper temperature for Chill Rooms, blancher, Chill waters, IQF Cold storages etc., and Validating functional condition Proactively ensuring food safety requirments as per risk index adequacy and aims to prevent defects by concentrating on process used to make products Managing and making food and water testing as per company/ government/customer schedule in consultation with higher management Taking Responsibility of Microbial Laboratory process Checking and implementation of the employees are following all food safety and workers safety practices Managing the lux level to be maintained between 400 and 500 Managing the training process for newly joined staff/helpers/Operators etc., (for GMP, GHP and online production systems) and imparting training to site staff maintaining a stipulated "Training Calendar" Monitoring the personal Hygience , grooming standards of the staff and Hygiene and cleaning standards of the food processing areas and premises of the company Managing and collaboration with related team for periodic health checks up as per company/government norms of entire employees and helpers Managing and ensuring proper disposal plan Overseeing QA/QC side the eqipment, staff and processess on the production floor for the operation to run smoothly. Communication and reporting for operational problem to senior management Reporting daily/weekly/monthly to the related HOD or CEO
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