Panellist Business Services

Panellist Business Services

Employer Type : Employer
Industry : Consulting/Professional Services
No Employees : 11-20
Address : No.104,38th Street (Lower Block),Next to MNA office, Kyauktada Tsp,Yangon.,Yangon, Myanmar

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Company vision and mission


The mission of Panellist Business Services and Tenacity Academy is grounded in 4 pro-active principals that establish the core purpose of our HR Solutions and Employability Skills development program (ESDP). These principals include:
1. To increase productivity and self-awareness through identification of individual assets, skills, needs, and employment and education goals.
2. To promote youth and young professional as essential participants in the workforce.
3. To support youth in a positive environment to make educated decisions about their current and future employment opportunities as well as to deal with any barriers to achieving their goals.
4. To teach work readiness skills that prepare youth for success in the workforce and the skills to conduct their own job search as needed in the future.


Providing comprehensive HR solutions and quality Employability Skills Development Program (ESDP) to businesses and job seekers. We will accomplish this by implementing continuous quality improvement through the application of technology, development of staff and the formation and utilization of strategic alliances to meet the changing environmental and economic needs.


Our core values, which guide management, operations and the interactions with all customers and stakeholders, are as follows:
• Leadership – The management team will empower employees to do their jobs effectively and in a manner that helps meet their customer’s needs and those of the community.
• Integrity and Professionalism – In all interactions with customers, our staff will act respectfully, ethically and professionally, providing information and services designed to advance the business interests and promote the welfare of our stakeholders.
• Open, Honest and Constructive Communication – We will communicate openly and honestly with all parties, delivering our message in a way that promotes positive results.
• Service Excellence – We will strive to provide high-quality, appropriate services in a timely, measurable and cost-effective manner.
• Accountability – We accept professional responsibility for our decisions and actions.
• Teamwork – We will encourage and model positive and productive working relationships with 
each other and our stakeholders to achieve measurable outcomes.
• Learning – We will continually seek to improve how we conduct our business.

What we do

Our solutions:

HR Outsourcing: HR is a specialized function and has many administrative and routine practices, which needs to be performed in the right manner & right time. It is best to outsource these works and activities to experts who has experience and right resource to maintain these activities and enhance the work force who drives your business. It gives greater leverage to focus on your business function when HR activities are managed by the experts.

Employability Skills Development Program & Career Coaching:
Career development is partnership with employee & the employer which is considered as one of the key component for any employee to join or retain in an organization. So to retain your work force and get the best out of them we use practical tools which motivates and develops the moral & skills of your employees resulting in greater performance, better coordination between employees & higher employee turnover rate.

We design and provide our training schedule as per organizational need & situation, we focus on providing a holistic solution over our self-development, career coaching & skill development training so that maximum potential of the employee is triggered.

Consulting: We focus on wide spectrum of HR functions and provide updated HR consultancy services to organization which are key to success in achieving organizational goals. An efficient HR consultancy service with performance timeline so that you can calculate your return on investment are provided by our expert professionals.

Who We Are/ Our Team

We are a team of experts who has 12 years of experience in working with top Singapore public listed companies with in Human Resource fields including organizational development, training and development, benefits, employee relations, policy writing, department foundation design, dispute resolution and other HR support for small to mid‐size companies. Our experienced and uniquely skilled team have all the necessary abilities & experience to tackle all the necessary HR functions & challenges without hindering organizations mission or business plan . We call it “Business Centered HR “& the clients call it what a relief.

We as a team prioritize working with the organization closely to deliver the best results. We believing in moving business forward by establishing sustainable everlasting relationship with the client or business associates.
• We strive to build long term bonds with our clients.
• We understand the market.
• We combine individual, local and global perspectives.

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