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You are the right person that we are looking for if you: Love working with young children and is nurturing and patient towards them. Energetic, driven and passionate about early years education. Enjoy Singing, dancing and roleplay. Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Work well independently as well as a team. Active listening skills to understand the children's needs. Ability to move and react quickly and handle emergencies effectively. Creative and inspiring with loving energy. Speak and Write English well as lessons are conducted in English.
Prepare various curriculum materials, including flashcards, worksheets, posters, templates, labels, etc. Design any visually appealing marketing materials for publishing on various marketing platforms. Ensuring that all materials produce are in line with the school's branding standards. Edit any photos and videos for various purposes, maintaining a consistent and attractive visual style. Create and prepare eye-catching flyers and vinyl designs for promotional events and school activities.
Ensuring that the school meets all legal and regulatory requirements. Developing and implementing policies and procedures together with the principal that promotes the school's mission and objectives. Managing budgets and financial resources to ensure that the school operates within its means. Hiring, supervising, and evaluating staff for school development. Maintaining effective communication with staff, students, parents, and other board members. Collaborating with other educational institutions, community organizations, and businesses to create partnerships and opportunities for students. Overseeing maintenance, repairs, and facilities of school facilities and equipment. Coordinating the delivery of quality instruction and ensuring that teachers have the resources and support they need to deliver effective instruction when given the needed resources list with sufficient time. Ensuring that the school maintains a positive public image and advocates for its priorities and interests. Communicates with parents, regulatory agencies and the public. Handles any enquiries and feedback from the existing and prospective parents. Resolve any conflicts and other issues among the staff
- Take the student’s photos according to the schedule. - Create video and select some photos for parents update and marketing purpose. - Attend to student’s enquiries, feedbacks, complaints and requests. - Administer student’s admission, withdrawal, course completion, attendance tracking and payment process. - Work closely with the Management, Marketing & Communications office to develop and execute an effective admissions program that promotes positive relationships and reputation with the community (internal and external) and attracts prospective parents and students. - Handling all incoming calls from new & current parents.Following up to/on current & new parent’s enquiries and feedback. - Handling enquiries from parents and students.
Curriculum Development: Create a comprehensive and age-appropriate Burmese language curriculum that aligns with the overall educational goals of the Kindergarten program. Language Instruction: Implement the developed curriculum through interactive and engaging language instruction to Kindergarten students. Collaboration: Work closely with the lead teacher and other staff members to integrate language learning seamlessly into the overall curriculum. Classroom Management: Assist in maintaining a safe and positive classroom environment, ensuring the well-being of all students. Communication: Effectively communicate curriculum goals, teaching methods, and student progress to parents and caregivers.
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