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Job Overview: The Internal Audit Manager will oversee internal audit activities within the company, evaluating and enhancing the effectiveness of internal control systems. This role plays a vital part in identifying and managing risks and supporting the achievement of the company's business objectives. Key Responsibilities: 1. Internal Audit Planning and Execution: Develop and execute internal audit plans based on the company's risk profile, reviewing business processes and control systems. 2. Risk Assessment and Management: Identify key risks within the company and develop and implement appropriate management and monitoring measures for those risks. 3. Audit Report Writing: Summarize audit findings and prepare audit reports for management and the board of directors. Support transparent and strategic decision-making, including identified issues and improvement recommendations. 4. Strengthening Internal Controls: Evaluate and enhance the company's internal control systems by developing and implementing proposals to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. 5. Audit and Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with audit and regulatory requirements, managing and overseeing risk management and legal compliance for the company.
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