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Vision Local food with a global vision Mission To become No.1 Food and Beverage group in Myanmar.
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  • Type: Direct Employer
  • Industry: Food and Beverage/Catering
  • No. Employees: 201 to 500


No.34, 4 Ward, Inya Myaing Road, Bahan Township, Yangon,Opposite of The New Zealand Embassy and Prestige Hotel,Yangon, Myanmar

Company vision and mission

Local food with a global vision

To become No.1 Food and Beverage group in Myanmar.

What we do

World No. 1 tea house by CNN and many more award

Tea shop culture in Myanmar is something that has bound the country together for the last hundred years .The tea the food ,the ambience; all of these different factors paint a picture of the history and complexity of all the people that have inhabited this country Each tea shop is an institution than every Burmese person has a fond nostalgic memory of.It was born during a time when Rangoon was considered one of the foremost cultural melting pots in the world,during the early 1900's .We opened Rangoon Tea House not only to pay homage to what existed, but also to continue the tradition of taking inspiration from all those who pass through our doors.


Why you should join us

Good opportunity
Learn new experience
Meet great colleague
Team work in action
Encouraging employee growth

Our workplace and culture

Fun workplace

Htet Myet Oo

Managing Director

My true passion is in developing concepts within food and beverage that honor both tradition and innovation. In the first year alone, we have gone on to feature in various international publications such as The Financial Times, Washington Post, Straits Times and The Daily Telegraph Australia. We've also been named as The Best Myanmar Restaurant at the Myanmore Awards 2016.

Isabella Sway Tin

Executive Director

Our brands hold commendations of the Financial Times and was listed “11 of the World’s Best Tea Houses” by CNN. Local awards include Myanmore’s Best Casual Dining Restaurant 2017 and KBZ Entrepreneur of the Year 2018.

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All RTH Group Jobs
Rangoon Tea House (RTH) Group, a pioneer in modern Burmese dining, is seeking an experienced Executive Chef to lead its culinary team. The ideal candidate will be passionate about Burmese cuisine, possess strong leadership skills, and have a proven track record of creating innovative and delicious dishes. Responsibilities: Culinary Leadership: Lead and manage the culinary team, including hiring, training, and scheduling. Develop and maintain a positive and productive work environment. Set high standards for food quality, consistency, and presentation. Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations. Menu Development: Create innovative and authentic Burmese dishes that reflect the unique flavors and ingredients of the region. Regularly update menus to incorporate seasonal ingredients and culinary trends. Collaborate with management and staff to develop new menu concepts and specials. Food Quality and Cost Control: Oversee the sourcing and procurement of high-quality ingredients. Implement effective inventory management and cost control measures. Monitor food waste and develop strategies to minimize waste and maximize efficiency. Kitchen Operations: Supervise all aspects of kitchen operations, including food preparation, cooking, and plating. Maintain cleanliness and organization in the kitchen, adhering to sanitation and safety standards. Ensure that all kitchen equipment is properly maintained and in working order. Customer Experience: Work closely with front-of-house staff to ensure a seamless and memorable dining experience for guests. Solicit and respond to customer feedback, making adjustments to menu offerings and service as needed. Foster a culture of hospitality and excellence among the culinary team.
Job Title: Operations Manager Company Overview: Join the RTH Group, a renowned F&B group committed to delivering unparalleled dining experiences. We are seeking an Operations Manager to oversee Kominka, our esteemed high-end Japanese restaurant featuring two unique outlets: a sake and wagyu bar, and an Izakaya. Despite their intimate settings with only 20 seats each, both outlets cater to a discerning clientele with a taste for excellence. Position Overview: As the Operations Manager, you will be responsible for ensuring the seamless functioning of both outlets at Kominka. Your role encompasses overseeing daily operations, optimizing efficiency, maintaining exceptional standards of service, and driving revenue growth. You will play a pivotal role in upholding the reputation of Kominka as a premier destination for Japanese cuisine aficionados. Key Responsibilities: Operations Oversight: Supervise all aspects of restaurant operations, including but not limited to staffing, inventory management, vendor relations, and compliance with health and safety regulations. Team Leadership: Lead and inspire a team of passionate professionals, fostering a culture of excellence, teamwork, and continuous improvement. Provide guidance, support, and training to ensure exceptional service delivery. Customer Experience Enhancement: Maintain a keen focus on customer satisfaction, consistently striving to exceed expectations. Monitor feedback channels and implement strategies to enhance the dining experience and build long-lasting relationships with clientele. Financial Management: Collaborate with the finance team to develop and manage budgets, monitor expenses, and maximize profitability. Implement cost-control measures without compromising quality or guest satisfaction. Strategic Planning: Contribute to the development and execution of strategic initiatives aimed at driving revenue growth, expanding market reach, and enhancing brand visibility. Stay abreast of industry trends and competitor activities to identify opportunities for innovation and differentiation. Quality Assurance: Uphold the highest standards of food quality, presentation, and hygiene across both outlets. Conduct regular inspections and audits to ensure compliance with company standards and regulatory requirements. Sustainability Initiatives: Champion sustainability practices within the organization, implementing eco-friendly policies and initiatives to minimize environmental impact and promote responsible business practices.
Job Title: Assistant Bar Manager Company Overview: Join the RTH Group, a distinguished F&B business renowned for delivering exceptional dining experiences. We are currently seeking a passionate and talented Assistant Bar Manager to join our team at Kominka, a prestigious high-end Japanese restaurant featuring two exclusive outlets: a sake and wagyu bar, and an Izakaya. Despite their intimate settings with only 20 seats each, both outlets cater to a discerning clientele with an appreciation for excellence. Position Overview: As the Assistant Bar Manager, you will work closely with the Bar Manager to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of both outlets at Kominka. Your role will encompass various responsibilities, including bar operations management, staff supervision, customer service excellence, and inventory control. This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to the success of a renowned establishment and further develop your career in the dynamic world of high-end hospitality. Key Responsibilities: Bar Operations Management: Assist the Bar Manager in overseeing all aspects of bar operations, including beverage preparation, inventory management, cleanliness, and maintenance. Ensure that both outlets maintain the highest standards of service quality and efficiency. Staff Supervision: Provide guidance, support, and training to bar staff, fostering a culture of professionalism, teamwork, and exceptional customer service. Assist in scheduling and managing staffing levels to meet operational requirements. Customer Service Excellence: Maintain a strong focus on customer satisfaction, engaging with guests to ensure a memorable and enjoyable dining experience. Demonstrate expert knowledge of beverages, including sake, cocktails, and spirits, and provide recommendations to enhance the guest experience. Inventory Control: Assist in managing inventory levels, conducting regular stocktakes, and placing orders to replenish supplies as needed. Implement effective cost-control measures to optimize profitability while maintaining quality standards. Quality Assurance: Uphold the highest standards of beverage quality, presentation, and hygiene across both outlets. Conduct regular inspections and audits to ensure compliance with company standards and regulatory requirements. Collaboration: Collaborate with the culinary team, front-of-house staff, and management to coordinate operations and ensure a seamless dining experience for guests. Participate in staff meetings, training sessions, and other team activities as required.
We are seeking a dynamic and experienced Finance Manager to join our team in Yangon. The Finance Manager will oversee financial operations for our company, which includes 200 employees and five restaurant outlets, including two outlets of our flagship, Rangoon Tea House. In addition to managing financial aspects of our operations, the Finance Manager will also manage the Singapore holding company and relevant companies within the group, including the tax filing. This FM role will also support the company's expansion plans abroad. Responsibilities: Financial Management: Oversee day-to-day financial operations, including budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting. Ensure compliance with financial regulations and standards. Develop and implement financial policies and procedures. Monitor cash flow, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. Manage financial audits and ensure accurate and timely reporting. Hospitality Finance Management: Apply strong capabilities in hospitality finance management to optimize financial performance of restaurant outlets. Analyze financial data to identify areas for cost savings and revenue growth. Collaborate with restaurant managers to develop and implement strategies to improve profitability. Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) related to restaurant operations and financial performance. Personal Finance Management: Handle personal finances for Managing directors, including budgeting, investments, and tax planning. Provide financial advice and support to directors on wealth management and financial planning. Expansion Planning: Support company's expansion plans abroad by conducting financial analysis and feasibility studies. Prepare income statements and financial projections for new ventures and expansion projects. Assess financial risks and opportunities associated with international expansion. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure successful implementation of expansion strategies.
We are a growing and ambitious restaurant group, with plans to expand internationally. We're looking for an enthusiastic and experienced HR Manager to do the following: HR Budgeting Manage HR Software Create internal HR programme Create a positive company culture Create hiring, recruitment and employee benefit plans Training programmes across all outlets
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