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Duties of an Assistant Property Manager may include but are not limited to: Assist the Property Manager on all building management operation matters including administrative duties for Amarapura Icon. To provide general assistance to the Property Manager in performing the day-to- day management tasks. To oversee specific tasks as directed by the Property Manager. Assist in handling enquiries from the Clients and their Visitors. Ensure that all property management staff conduct and carry out their duties and responsibilities effectively.Coordinate with staff regarding administrative matters. Coordinate with Bookkeeper on collection of maintenance fees, services charges, utilities, rental fees from tenants and keep update to Property Manager. To prepare and propose improvement plans for all aspects of the property and its facilities, including but not limited to cost effective operations, energy savings, access control, safety and security. To communicate, coordinate and deal with all relevant government institutions To prepare and operate on yearly budgets; monitor and control expenses within agreed budgets. Maintain property by addressing tenant complaints, completing repairs and enforcing rules of occupancy. Provide assistance to the Property Manager as required to maintain management files are in proper order with regular update for easy reference. Provide assistance to Clients and their Visitors. Provides regular reports to the Property Manager and the building status including its utility consumption and other services. Maintain close communication with the Property Manager at all times. Perform other tasks as may be assigned.
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