United Tyre Group Co., Ltd.

We are standing as No.1 Position in Tyre market (Myanmar) as of Distribution. And Gradually, We are going to the peak.
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About United Tyre Group Co., Ltd.

Employer Details

  • Type: Direct Employer
  • Industry: Trading/Distribution/Import/Export
  • No. Employees: 21 to 50


No.116, Mat Khayar Minthar Gyi Maung Pyo Road, Zone 2, Hlaing Tharyar Tsp.,Yangon, Myanmar

Company vision and mission

We are standing as No.1 Position in Tyre market (Myanmar) as of Distribution.

And Gradually, We are going to the peak.

What we do

West Lake Tyre Trading and Distribution

"United Tyre Group (UTG) ~We are the Best Tyre Seller in whole Myanmar, our company is based in Yangon.
We are gradually trying best to go for the peak in Tyre and automotive industry.
With us you will never regret"

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All United Tyre Group Co., Ltd. Jobs
Study design instructions and determine requirements. Schedule projects and define budget limitations. Conceptualize visuals based on requirements. Prepare rough drafts and present ideas. Develop illustrations, logos and other designs using software or by hand. Use the appropriate colors and layouts for each graphic. Make a work with copywriters and creative director to produce final design. Amend designs after feedback. Determine colors, images, text style, and shapes to create layout. Design web pages, Facebook, Billboard, logos, signs, annual reports, advertisements, and other communication materials. Stay updated on industry trends, design tools, and technologies to enhance creativity.
Contact potential or existing customers to inform them about a product or service using. Answering customer’s questions about products or the company. Enter and update customer information in the database. Take and process orders in an accurate manner. Go the “extra mile” to meet sales target and facilitate future sales. Keep records of calls and sales and note useful information. Keeping up to date on all products and informing customers of new products, highlighting features and benefits. Learn and comply with all company policies and procedures. Attend training sessions and stay up-to-date on product knowledge. Assist with processing sales orders and preparing quotes. Collect customer contact information and update customer records.
Manage and Prepare to Fixed Asset, Vehicle, Office maintenance and admin related duty. Administer monthly budget and control petty cash flow. Handle incoming calls, emails, and inquiries with admin department. Manage and prepare Company Registration, DICA extension, other office documentation and admin policy. Verify invoices and arrange payment for office related utility bills such as electricity, water and other monthly bills. Ensuring that all staff members are trained on all relevant policies and procedures, including safety measures. Prepare presentations, agendas, and other documents for executive meeting schedules. Provide monthly office expenses report to line Manager monthly. Arrange employee uniform, ID cards, transportation, and office access for all staffs. Control and maintain employee related IT assets and update in the system daily. Deep cleaning activity and take care of regular office maintenance activities. Maintain accurate records and databases, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality. Perform other duties as assigned.
1. Communicate with related suppliers according to the responsibilities assigned by the head of the department. 2. To make a database of PO Files approved by the head of department. 3. Check the stock balance daily and check the required items against the on way and back-order balance and report to the head of department. 4. (Loading list) given by the head of department to complete the database on way and current stock. 5. When receiving a sales order for shipments that already have a parking list, to check whether the sales order price matches the approve price. 6. Check shipping documents and make shipment track and trace. 7. To prepare the necessary documents for custom clearance. 8. Check the files that have been cleared by Custom and submit a report to the head of department. 9. To make a database of release orders of files that have already been custom cleared. 10. To make a report about the arrival of cargo. 11. To develop a database about the Claim Form. 12. To carry out the duties assigned by the HOD due to business needs in a timely manner. 13. Stay up-to-date on changes in import regulations and procedures.
Prepare and release of accurate monthly financial statements and other related management reports in timely manners. Advise business owners and individuals regarding the tax code. To manage taxation issues. Uphold the excellent reputation of our firm. Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements and cash flow statement. Oversee and ensure the smooth running of the overall Cost Control functions and services are done in accordance with the company’s policies and procedures. Responsible for the financial planning and management of day-to-day operation. Relating to finance, seeing goals and objectives, and design a framework for these to be met. Manage the budgeting and forecasting process for the organization. Able to motivate the team and lead by example. Conduct all necessary training to keep the team’s skills and knowledge up to date. Monitor and mentor/train junior staff, clerks, and bookkeepers. Report directly to the Managing Director and CEO. Other assigned by managing director and Chief Executive Officer.
Develop and manage financial strategies to support organizational goals. Oversee budgeting, forecasting, and financial planning processes. Conduct financial analysis to guide decision-making and optimize resource allocation. Ensure accurate and timely financial reporting in compliance with regulations. Collaborate with departments to monitor and control expenses. Implement and maintain effective internal controls. Manage relationships with financial institutions, auditors, and other stakeholders. Stay informed about industry trends and changes in financial regulations. Lead a team of finance professionals, providing guidance and fostering a collaborative environment. Present financial information to executive leadership and board members.
Develop and implement sales strategies to achieve revenue and profit goals and overseeing the sales team. Must be carried out sales team management and customer relationship development to ensure the growth and achievement of the sales department. Build and maintain strong relationships with key clients. Monthly sales review and data analysis must be point out to MD and proceed accordingly to his decision. Must be able to handle the sales team routes way and their sales target and sales strategy. Able to control unnecessary things occurring and avoid them. Must cooperate with other relevant department/sections to work as a team. Able to handle the market feedback and the product error. Able to understand the market needs and implement the necessary changes. Able to proceed through company rules and regulations. Motivate the sales persons and increase their targets base on monthly calculation. Build and promote the products and sustain long lasting customer relationship. Stay up-to-date on market trends and competitor activity. Must be fluent in speaking and communication with customers
1. Manage end-to-end warehouse operations, overseeing the receipt, storage, and distribution of both tires and batteries. 2. Implement and apply safety rules for the handling of batteries and tires, ensuring compliance with industry standards. 3. Collaborate with suppliers to maintain best inventory levels and implement effective replacement strategies. 4. Utilize warehouse management systems to track inventory movements and generate accurate reports. 5. Prepare the work schedule for warehouse workers. 6. Coordinate with cross-functional teams to meet customer demands and resolve supply chain issues punctually. 7. Optimize warehouse layout and plans for efficient storage and retrieval of various products. 8. Lead and mentor warehouse staff, providing training and conducting performance assessments. 9. Implement cost-effective measures to improve operational efficiency and reduce expenses. 10. Monitor and manage the disposal of damaged or expired batteries in compliance with environmental regulations. 11. Maintaining documentation and keeping accurate records of warehouse activities. 12. Maintaining awareness and knowledge of the condition and location of fleet vehicles.
Develop and monitor HR processes, systems, and tactics across the organization. Creating and implementing HR strategies for the business and leading a team of HR Department. Must be able to along with the company's established procedures, prepare manpower Planning, HR Budgeting. Manage the hiring and onboarding Process and resolving conflicts within the organization. Manage employees Learning and development, performance management process. Oversee employee’s compensation & benefits process. Developing policies and ensuring policy awareness and creating and maintaining reports. Develop a positive working environment. Preparing and presenting helpful and engaging presentations. Ensuring the safety of employees within the organization. Organizing events to increase employee engagement Well understanding of delivery arrangements, systematic record keeping of fuel assumption and car maintenance Securing and well organizing of the office documents, equipment, all assets, IT Access and Networking Report to the management to help them in decision-making. Report to Director and Managing Director for all HR Process Weekly and Monthly, yearly. Other assigned by Director’s and Managing director.
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