JobNet Group to launch, a portal for blue collar, grey collar and technical workers in Myanmar

24th September, 2021

Yangon, Myanmar --, Myanmar’s leading job search portal for white collar professionals, announced that they will be launching a new job search platform ( in the last quarter of 2021. Alote will be targeting non-office roles such as blue collar, grey collar, technical and lightly skilled or entry level roles in the economy, particularly in sectors such as manufacturing, skilled trades, telecom, logistics, retail, wholesale, food & beverage, hospitality, medical, distribution, construction, energy and more.

Given the current challenges in Myanmar particularly affecting Myanmar’s most vulnerable people, the JobNet Group decided to launch this platform to bring more transparency and efficiency to a segment of the job market that needs it the most. This should help millions of workers find jobs that they would have otherwise not been aware of, more easily. The platform will always be free for jobseekers, as well as free for employers during the launch phase and for an extended period to support the country and economy.

“After establishing JobNet as the dominant player in the white-collar space, we started exploring new expansion opportunities. We’ve been working on this project for over 12 months and launching Alote was a natural evolution, especially as the blue collar and grey collar job market in Myanmar is still very fragmented. Most job seekers in this market tend to rely on friends, referrals or social media groups to find opportunities. These channels only provide visibility to a small portion of all available jobs in the market and the discovery experience is not great, therefore significantly limiting the job seeker’s ability to find suitable vacancies and for companies to find suitable workers at high volume throughout the country.

With Alote we are providing an easy to use job search engine for blue and grey collar jobs, fully localized to the Myanmar local market. Candidates can easily filter by their preferred township and search for jobs in Myanmar language. The platform will help small and large employers to source semi-skilled and skilled workers much more effectively by leveraging a cloud based, centralized recruitment system and Talent CRM that we have already developed on the JobNet platform over the years.” said Mr. Matt De Luca, Managing Director of JobNet.

Alote is available on mobile app, web and is integrated into the JobNet centralized recruitment and Talent CRM systems. Employers will be able to easily post job listings to multiple sites and manage their recruitment and hiring from one central dashboard for both operations and white-collar talent.

About the JobNet Group

Since 2015 the JobNet Group has been focused on bringing the power of internet technology in the Myanmar job market. Through its leading job search platforms for professional white collar roles and now with Alote Myanmar for blue and grey collar workers, the group enables the discovery between thousands of companies and millions of jobseekers each year.

About Alote Myanmar

Alote Myanmar is the newest recruitment and job search platform for blue collar and lightly-skilled workers for non-office and technical roles across all major industries such as manufacturing, logistics, F&B, construction, tourism, retail and more. The platform is available on mobile and web, and aims to provide better opportunities for workers by connecting them directly to employers.