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Output Base Consultant To Prepare (OPS-EPRP)


Output Base Consultant To Prepare (OPS-EPRP)

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Myanmar - Mandalay
Full Time
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10 Feb 2021

Experience level


Job Function

Research and Development

Min Education Level

Master Degree

Job Description

Deedoke Hydropower Project (“Deedoke HPP” or the “Project”) is a run-of-the-river hydropower project that is currently being developed on the Myitnge River in Mandalay Region, Myanmar, by an international consortium of developers (the “Consortium”) in consultation with the Myanmar Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MOEE), which is the main Government regulatory body for this project. The DDK HPP Consortium comprises High Tech Construction Trust Co., Ltd (HTCT) from Myanmar, Kansai Electric Power Company (Kansai) from Japan, and Andritz Hydro GmbH (Andritz) from Austria. The proposed lenders are the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the International Finance Corporation (IFC, a member of the World Bank Group), and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Deedoke HPP has commissioned the development of a comprehensive set of impact assessments and management plans, including an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring Plans (ESMMPs), and a Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) that have all been completed. A Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) together with a Livelihood Restoration Plan (LRP) is under review of the lenders. All these documents have been developed by independent experts to meet environmental and social (E&S) safeguards required under IFC, ADB, and JICA financing.

The requested OPS-EPRP is intended to reduce the risk of human life loss and injury and minimize property damage in the event of failure of Deedoke Dam or flooding caused by large runoff. This OPS-EPRP will be prepared with the intent of meeting the requirements of the dam safety guidelines or regulation of the Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MOEE) and safeguard policy the above lenders.

The OPS-EPRP will cover an area of 13 villages Deedoke downstream from Hnget Gyi Thaik till Myitnge confluence at Irrawaddy river. The plan is directly linked to and developed consistent with the Deedoke Emergency Action Plan.

High Tech Construction Trust Co., Ltd., (HTCT) is a company under Shwe Taung Development Co., Ltd, an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any job applicant because of race, religion, sex, gender, physical or mental disability, parental status or age, represented Deedoke consortium, is now looking for individual consultant for preparing the OPS-EPRP. The consultant will work remotely from consultant’ residence with support, of necessary information and inputs, from E&S team of Deedoke project. Email, telephone call will be a mean and tool for communicating and exchanging of information between the consultant and Deedoke project.  

General ConsultingService

All services of the Consultants described herein shall be performed in close

cooperation with E&S division and the relevant parties, authorities and relevant ministry, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. The Consultant shall keep in mind that the services and tasks described herein cannot be considered as the complete and comprehensive description of the Consultant’s services and duties. It is rather the Consultant’s responsibility to critically prove consultant’s knowledge, competency, technic and experiences relevant to the Emergency Preparedness Response wherever the Consultant deems it necessary per the Consultant’s own professional judgment and knowledge. It is understood that the Consultant shall perform all the services/works as necessary to fulfil the objectives of the Consultancy Contract.

Roles / Job Purpose:

  1. The Consultant shall analyze and summarize relevant national laws and regulations pertaining to Emergency Preparedness Response, social welfare and other regulations and the policy and standards of the international financial institutions.
  2. Designing and preparing OPS-EPRP for Deedoke Hydropower Project, Myanmar to ensure that the OPSEPRP complies with laws, rules and procedures of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and with the project lenders’ requirements (IFC, ADB, JICA);
  3. Drafting, reviewing, revising the OPS-EPPS and related documents prior to submission to Deedoke project and relevant ministry, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and lenders for review and endorsement;
  4. Preparing thematic sub-plans to support to OPSEPRP as necessary;
  5. Addressing comments made to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd draft of OPS-EPRP by E&SDeedoke project, its consortium and relevant Government authorities and the lenders;
  6. Finalizing the OPS-EPRP prior submission to relevant ministry, the Public of the Union of Myanmar for approval and lender for review;
  7. Identify safety zone/places in case of emergency event for communities on Myitnge river living downstream of Deedoke dam to its confluence in Irrawaddy river;

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Draft, review, revise and finalize the OPS-EPRP and associated documents for Deedoke Hydropower project to ensure that the documents comply with laws, rules and procedures of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar with acceptance of lenders (IFC & ABD);
  2. The Consultant prepares the OPS-EPRP from consultant’ residence following standard methodology, consultant’ experiences, good international practices and information provided by Deedoke project;
  3. The Consultant may hold a meeting with E&S Team and the Consortiumbefore starting the documentation to get clear understanding on the project concept, goal, target and scope of work of the plan for appropriate designing and preparation of the plan;
  4. Submit 1st draft of the OPS-EPRP to the project owner (Deedoke project) forreviewing and comment before further submission to the Government of the Myanmar Union for acknowledgement;
  5. Address comments on the 1st draft made by the Government of the MyanmarUnion up on receipt;
  6. Preparing 2nd draft of detailed OPS-EPRP for submission to lenders (IFC, ADB & JICA);
  7. Address comments on the 2nd draft of OPS-EPRP made by the lenders;
  8. Prepare and submit 3rd draft of the OPS-EPRP to the project owner (Deedoke) prior submission to the lenders for review;
  9. Address comments (if any) on the 3rd draft of OPS-EPRP made by the lenders;
  10. Submit final draft of the OPS-EPRP to the project owner (Deedoke) prior further submission to the lenders for approval;
  11. Provide technical support and guidance to E&S staff and officers in preparing training material to relevant communities and Government organizations;
  12. Provide technical support and guidance in identifying safety zone/places incase of emergency event for communities living on the Myitnge river downstream of Deedoke dam to its confluence in Irrawaddy river;
  13. Provide technical support in designing and establishing “Emergency Water Notification System for the communities that are risky to emergency event from Deedoke operation and management;
  14. Meeting with E&S staff and officers via weekly call and provide weekly update in writing on the preparation of OPS-EPRP to E&S division/Deedoke project;

Interested applicant is requested to submit curriculum vitae (CV) with cover letter expressing experiences, knowledge and skill how he/she will meet the qualification and complete the preparation of the OPS-EPRP. The Consultant will be selected in accordance with HTCT procedures and regulation of Procurement.

Only short list candidates will be invited for interview (via telephone call). Interested applicants can submit expression of interest no later than 20 January 2021, 5:00 o’clock or obtain further information

Open To

Foreign (Expatriate)

Job Requirements

  • At least Master’s Degree in social planning and management or similar field areas;
  • 10 years of relevant working experience in disaster prevention planning, management and preparation of community responses;
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding on risk and disaster management and prevention and preparedness response at planning and implementing levels;
  • Strong analytical skills and exceptional ability in communication and networking, negotiations and writing;
  • Good knowledge and understanding on safeguard policies of international development banks particularly with respect safeguard policies of IFC, ADB, and JICA;
  • Good knowledge about laws of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is preferable;
  • Excellent written communication skills, with analytic capacity and ability to synthesize relevant collected data and findings for the preparation of social related documents
  • Excellent command of English (oral, writing, reading) with Myanmar language skills being an advantage;
  • Excellent leadership, coordination and team working skills;

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