Super Seven Stars

Our vision To be a leading manufacturing, distribution, sales, services and trading company in Myanmar, creating a legacy that will inspire other Myanmar companies to dream big. Our mission We aspire to be one of the most successful companies in Myanmar, a market leader in our areas of business and innovator, by providing a variety of services and products to our customers and unparalleled customer experience.
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About Super Seven Stars

Employer Details

  • Type: Direct Employer
  • Industry: Automotive, Retail/Wholesale, Trading/Distribution/Import/Export
  • No. Employees: 501 to 1000


No (3), Yadanar Road, Mi Chan Kan 3rd Quater, Thingangyun Tsp, Yangon.,Yangon, Myanmar

Company vision and mission

Our vision
To be a leading manufacturing, distribution, sales, services and trading company in Myanmar, creating a legacy that will inspire other Myanmar companies to dream big.

Our mission
We aspire to be one of the most successful companies in Myanmar, a market leader in our areas of business and innovator, by providing a variety of services and products to our customers and unparalleled customer experience.

What we do

Our company story goes back to 2001 when, after nine learning-packed years of working in Japan for Toyota and other companies, our Chairman, U Sann Linn, returned to Myanmar with a very special desire: to put into practice in his native country the ways of working he had learned abroad. While in Japan, he experienced a different standard of work style and ethics, and a new understanding of how life and work were intertwined. Impressed with the Japanese approach to work, he used his years abroad to learn as much as he could about the principles of lean manufacturing and kaizen, industry best practices and international quality standards. But his plan was much greater than just accumulating knowledge and skills: his desire was to share the experience back in his native country and be able to achieve something great in Myanmar. A big challenge, peppered with obstacles, mainly due to the little experience of the local employees in modern operations, as well as the lack of infrastructure and technology available in Myanmar. He didn’t give up, however and, in order to achieve his plan, invested his resources, time and energy into pursuing a dream he was convinced could become a reality. This is how Super Seven Stars (“SSS”) was born in 2001, out of our Chairman’s desire to make an impactful change in Myanmar.

Since inception, SSS has seen a tremendous growth. The company has grown from selling Japanese electronic appliances, passenger, commercial vehicles and automobile spare parts, to a group of companies overseeing three main areas of operations: trading, manufacturing and services, with a strong growth mindset. We are also proud to continuously expand into new areas of business, which will not only bring additional streams of revenue to our group and create more jobs for the people in our community, but also build a sustainable business model, by spreading any future risk through diversification and through creating an ecosystem of companies that support each other’s operations.

Some of Super Seven Stars’s greatest achievements are the local assembly plant for KIA and modern logistics facilities, supporting the operations of the other businesses within the group.

Looking to the future, we are optimistic about our company’s development and the role Super Seven Stars will play in the economic growth of Myanmar, our country. The future for us is here and now. The times we are living now are full of potential. We strongly believe that our businesses with continuous improvements are prepared to support this extraordinary future, and we are proud to play a part in Myanmar’s economic growth, leaving our mark in areas such as people development and alignment of our industries to international quality standards. We have a positive outlook for the years to come, confident that the great development efforts will continue to grow.

Why you should join us

We are one of the leading companies in Myanmar. We offer limitless career opportunities and you’ll be able to find an opportunity that you’re interested in, passionate about, and will love.

Our workplace and culture

Equal opportunity employer and emphasize continuous learning culture.
Create safe and healthy workplace by regulatory standards applying the best policies and practices.

In Gyin May - Sales Admin

Sales Department

I like working for the Super Seven Stars because of the overall professionalism and ability to deliver. I feel valued and respected as an employee. I enjoy what I do, and am surrounded by a fantastic team of understanding and amazing people. My company supports students and charities and the community; and they treat their employees very well. It’s the first time I’ve ever felt part of a team or that I “belonged”.

Ted Naing Htut - After Sales Service Manager

After Sales Department

I am an engineering graduate with electronics major. I have also studied automotive technology and Automotive engineering in Australia. I am passionate about cars. The reason I chose to be here at Super Seven Stars was because it is a prestige automotive company in Myanmar where I can share my knowledge and skills I have learned abroad. I really love it here as I can build a powerfully successful team.

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All Super Seven Stars Jobs
- manage for supplier negotiation, promotion, pricing & purchasing - maintain about product items or slow moving items, remove expired damage items list - Manage relationships with suppliers to ensure that they meet quality standards, comply with regulations, and provide good customer service - Manage a team of retail store specialists to ensure they are meeting sales targets and promoting customer satisfaction - Making recommendations to upper management regarding budget allocations for specific departments within a company - Develop a marketing plan and campaign that align with company goals and objectives
Project Planning: Define project scope, objectives, and deliverables in collaboration with stakeholders. Develop a detailed project plan, including timelines, resources, and budgets. Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation. Team Management: Assemble project teams and assign responsibilities. Lead and motivate project team members to achieve project goals. Foster a collaborative and innovative work environment. Communication: Serve as the primary point of contact between project teams and stakeholders. Provide regular project updates to all stakeholders through status meetings, reports, and presentations. Address and resolve any project-related issues and conflicts. Budget and Resource Management: Monitor project budgets and resource allocation. Ensure efficient use of resources and timely delivery within budget constraints. Identify and mitigate risks that could impact project costs. Quality Assurance: Implement quality control processes to ensure app functionality and performance meet project requirements. Conduct thorough testing and review of mobile applications. Oversee bug tracking and resolution processes. Timeline Management: Track project progress and manage project timelines. Identify and address potential delays or roadblocks. Implement agile methodologies when appropriate. Risk Management: Identify and assess project risks and develop mitigation plans. Implement risk management strategies to minimize project disruptions. Ensure compliance with industry best practices and standards. Client and Stakeholder Relations: Cultivate strong relationships with clients and stakeholders. Gather feedback and requirements from clients and ensure they are incorporated into project plans.
The Group HR Manager will be responsible for overseeing the human resources operations and strategies for the Super Seven Stars Group of Companies. This role involves developing HR policies, managing recruitment, fostering employee relations, and ensuring compliance with labor laws across the organization's multiple business units. Develop and implement HR strategies aligned with the company's goals and objectives. Oversee the entire recruitment process, including sourcing, interviewing, and onboarding new talent. Create and maintain HR policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with legal regulations and industry standards. Manage employee relations, including conflict resolution, disciplinary actions, and performance management. Lead and support training and development initiatives for staff at all levels. Administer compensation and benefits programs, ensuring competitiveness and fairness. Monitor HR metrics and analyze data to propose improvements in HR strategies and practices. Collaborate with senior management to address organizational challenges and drive HR initiatives. Act as a liaison between employees and management, promoting a positive work culture and fostering employee engagement. Stay updated on HR trends and best practices to enhance the company's HR processes.
Execute Stock control measures to ensure the company minimizes stock holding and maximizing stock system and paperwork accuracy The role carries responsibility for working with purchasing, goods inwards and dispatch to ensure necessary functions are carried out correctly The job role may include other reasonable duties/tasks from time to time The position does not carry any supervisory or management responsibility Comfort with numbers and data analysis is important for monitoring inventory levels, generating reports, and identifying trends or discrepancies Depending on the nature of the inventory (e.g., heavy or bulky items), stock controllers may need to handle physical tasks, such as lifting and moving inventory. With a growing emphasis on sustainability in business, understanding and incorporating sustainable practices in inventory management may be increasingly important Depending on the industry, there may be specific regulations and compliance standards related to inventory management. Understanding and adhering to these regulations is crucial. Stock controllers should be adept at identifying and resolving issues related to stock levels, discrepancies, and logistics.
Developing and implementing HR strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategy Bridging management and employee relations by addressing demands, grievances or other issues Managing the recruitment and selection process Develop and implement HR strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategy Bridge management and employee relations by addressing demands, grievances or other issues Manage the recruitment and selection process Support current and future business needs through the development, engagement, motivation and preservation of human capital Develop and monitor overall HR strategies, systems, tactics and procedures across the organization Nurture a positive working environment Oversee and manage a performance appraisal system that drives high performance Maintain pay plan and benefits program Assess training needs to apply and monitor training programs Report to management and provide decision support through HR metrics Ensure legal compliance throughout human resource management
Using Laravel for designing and creating web apps and services Discussing the aims of the project with our team of developers Debugging and troubleshooting issues Sharing ideas and working on completing projects with the front-end and back-end teams Working towards the smooth, effortless running of integrations Ensuring web apps are maintained Implementing relevant security measures according to the required standard Writing modular codes that are secure Contributing to database maintenance Contributing to database design
We are seeking a talented and results-driven Business Development Manager with extensive experience in the F&B (Food and Beverage) industry, specifically in restaurant chains and franchise businesses. The ideal candidate will play a key role in driving the expansion and growth of our restaurant brand through strategic partnerships and franchise opportunities. Responsibilities: Market Analysis: Conduct thorough market research and analysis to identify potential growth opportunities and target markets for restaurant chain expansion and franchise development. Franchise Development: Develop and execute a robust franchise development strategy to attract and onboard potential franchisees. Build and maintain strong relationships with franchise partners to drive mutual success. New Business Ventures: Identify and evaluate new business ventures, strategic partnerships, and collaborations that align with the company's growth objectives. Negotiation and Deal Structuring: Lead negotiations with potential franchisees and partners to achieve favorable terms and deal structures for both parties. Financial Analysis: Analyze financial viability, return on investment (ROI), and profitability of new restaurant locations and franchise opportunities. Compliance and Legal: Ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements related to franchise operations, agreements, and intellectual property. Branding and Marketing: Collaborate with the marketing team to develop effective branding and marketing strategies to promote the restaurant chain and attract franchisees. Training and Support: Coordinate with relevant departments to provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to franchisees, ensuring adherence to brand standards and quality. Performance Tracking: Implement performance tracking mechanisms to assess the success and growth of franchise locations, providing regular reports to management. Industry Trends: Stay up-to-date with industry trends, competitor activities, and market dynamics to leverage opportunities for the company's growth.
Work experience in more than one location or area works particularly field experience is essential good farm management work animal-handling skills and an understanding of animal welfare and health issues an understanding of pasture and feeds management for animals knowledge of operating milk production process, milk company standards and safe farming practices knowledge of poultry farm management operate in the formulation of evidence-based policies, strategies, and action plans for livestock sector development provide technical guidance and capacity building support to the organization understand of sustainable environmental management practices extent and relevant experience in developing various strategic programming/technical documents and liaising with stakeholders excellent analytical and problem-solving skills excellent organizational skills
Manage various social media platforms, website content, and online advertising campaigns. Create and curate compelling the monthly content calendar. Brainstorming, proofreading and editing for various digital marketing content to ensure consistency in branding Monitor social media channels for customer inquiries, comments, and reviews, and respond promptly and professionally. Collaborate with the sales, operations and respective team to create and implement integrated marketing campaigns that align with our business objectives. Conduct market research to identify emerging trends, competitor strategies, and new opportunities for growth. Analyze social media metrics and performance data to assess the effectiveness of campaigns and make data-driven recommendations for improvement. Able to run Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Prompt responses to comments and chat boxes on assigned pages are timely. Support and collaborate with the planning and execution of road shows, events, and promotional activities. Reporting
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